Four Gifts

A Christmas Series

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

December 5, 2021 • Robbey Smith • Luke 1:26–38, 1 John 4:15–18, Romans 8:35–39

Perfect love cast out all fear; the virgin Mary had much to fear. Pastor Robbey challenges us to lay down our fear by focusing on God's love for us.

The Gift of A Good Reputation

December 12, 2021 • Robbey Smith • Matthew 1:18–25, Proverbs 22:1, 2 Corinthians 5:14–17

Joseph was a just man; Pastor Robbey wants to know what your reputation is? Do you care what others think? You should! A good name is one of the best gifts God can give you.

The Gift of God's Word

December 19, 2021 • Robbey Smith • 2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:20–21, Matthew 7:24–27, Proverbs 3:5–7, Matthew 2:1–6

A star moved the Magi from the east to Jerusalem. What moves you? In this sermon, Pastor Robbey encourages us to trust the scriptures.

The Greatest Act Of Humility

December 26, 2021 • Robbey Smith • Philippians 2:5–13, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:9–10

The greatest gift mankind has ever received was seen in the greatest act of humility. In this message, Pastor Robbey encourages us to receive God's greatest gift by our greatest act of humility.