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Episode 35: Preparing for Lent

Drew Maney & Elisabeth Brown • February 13, 2020 • Drew Maney

Episode 34: Training Ourselves to Interact with Art & Music Thoughtfully

John Mason Hodges • January 30, 2020 • John Mason Hodges

Episode 21: How a Church Grows

Steve Jeffery • December 12, 2019 • Steve Jeffery

Pastor Steve Jeffery, with Emmanuel North London Church in the U.K., recently spoke with us about how his church's congregation has grown, both in number and cultural diversity over the last 10 years. Pastor Jeffery is one of three ministers who will speak at the Christendom Lectures at Church of the Redeemer in West Monroe, Louisiana. You can find out more about the lecture series at christendomlectures.org Braden Smith hosted this episode of Redeemer Talk.

Special Episode: BACH to Thankfulness

"Arguably the greatest composer to have lived did not start from scratch" • November 27, 2019 • Jarrod Richey

In this special Thanksgiving edition of Redeemer Talk, Jarrod Richey uses one of the most well-known hymns of this season of the year to highlight the often forgotten trait of thankfulness in church music and culture. Hear excerpts from J.S. Bach's Cantata 192, 79, and Mendelssohn's Symphony 5 fourth movement.

Episode 20: Craftsmanship in Knife-making

Ken Trisler • November 14, 2019 • Ken Trisler

Deacon Ken Trisler sat down and discussed the art of making knives in this latest episode of the Redeemer Talk Podcast at Church of the Redeemer. (Guest Host: Hays Porter)

Episode 19: Reflecting on a Firefighter's Career

Ronnie Medlin • October 31, 2019 • Ronnie Medlin

Ronnie Medlin discusses his 31 years with the West Monroe Fire Department in this latest episode of Redeemer Talk.

Episode 18: Seeking the Peace of Monroe

Save the Swayze • October 17, 2019 • Troy Lizenby

In this episode, Troy Lizenby gives a preview of what to expect from an upcoming project to restore the Swayze Natatorium Historic Building at Forsythe Park in Monroe. Lizenby has spearheaded the restoration project, known as Save the Swayze, which will be held Friday, Oct. 18, in conjunction with Geneva Academy's Big Serve fundraiser. As part of Geneva Academy's Big Serve fundraiser, you can sponsor a student or support the K-12 classical education school by contributing online at www.genevaclassical.org/big serve 100% of all contributions to the Big Serve will support student scholarships and help provide tuition assistance for families seeking a classical Christian education for their children. The Save the Swayze project will be completed through volunteer labor as well as through the support of local businesses and groups.

Episode 17: Christendom Lectures

Previewing the Christendom Lectures • October 3, 2019 • Steve Wilkins

In this episode, Pastor Steve Wilkins provides a preview of what to expect from the Christendom Lectures scheduled for Jan. 6-8. Pastors C.R. Wiley, Rich Lusk, and Steve Jeffery will be giving lectures about how the Church should respond to suffering and persecution. You register or find out more at www.christendomlectures.org

Episode 16: Striving in Sports, Life, Faith

Deacon James • September 20, 2019 • Deacon James

In this episode, Deacon James speaks to us about his love of sports and how it prepares us for striving in our lives and faith. He also tackles the relationship between athletics and academics as well as his passion for wrestling.

Episode 15: A Ministry to Those in Prison

Terry Williams & Robert McBroom • September 5, 2019 • Terry Williams & Robert McBroom

Terry McBroom Williams and our own elder, Robert McBroom talked about The City of Faith Ministry. City of Faith was originally founded as an opportunity for outreach to a forgotten demographic, prisoners.

Episode 14: Contented Life as a Single Person

Elisabeth Brown • August 22, 2019 • Elisabeth Brown

Elisabeth Brown recently sat down with us at Church of the Redeemer in West Monroe to talk about a book she has been writing to encourage single people, especially single women, whose friends are getting married and having children, and how to find contentment and continue to mature in faith.

Episode 13: Woodworking & Biblical Craftmanship

Will Merritt • August 8, 2019 • Will Merritt

Will Merritt talks with Assistant Pastor Drew Maney on woodworking, his workshop, and the object lessons that wood provides for the Christian.

Episode 12: Ruth Through New Eyes

Pastor Uri Brito • July 25, 2019 • Uri Brito

Pastor Uri Brito, of Providence Church in Pensacola, Florida, speaks with us about a commentary on the book of Ruth that was recently published in the Through New Eyes Bible Commentary Series from Athanasius Press in West Monroe. Pastor Brito co-wrote the commentary with Pastor Rich Lusk, of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The commentary can be found for purchase online at www.athanasiuspress.org

Episode 11: Sing & Make Music Together

Dr. David R. Erb • July 11, 2019 • David Robert Erb

Dr. David Erb of New Saint Andrews College provides encouragement on singing and making music together in the home.

Episode 10: A Culture of Care in the Healthcare Industry

Phyllis Brode, R.N. • June 27, 2019 • Phyllis Brode

Phyllis Brode, R.N., one of our members here at Church of the Redeemer, shares some stories from her 38-year career as a dialysis nurse as well as some insights into the challenges facing patients and the health care industry in general, provoking us to visit the sick and tend to the suffering in our midst.