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Episode 83: Should Christians Continue to Tithe? (Q&A)

October 20, 2022 • Steve Wilkins, Zachary Parker

In Redeemer Talk's 83rd episode, Pastor Steve Wilkins and Zach Parker field a handful of questions about whether Christians in the New Covenant are required to continue tithing and what that practice should look like now. The episode is part of an ongoing Q&A series. If you have questions for us to address in future episodes, send us a message through the Church of the Redeemer Facebook or Instagram account. You also can email your questions to http://zparker@redeemertwincities.org

Episode 82: How to Rule Yourself

June 16, 2022 • Zachary Parker

In Redeemer Talk's 82nd episode, we finish the reading of Basil the Great's homily on what it means for us to be made in the image of God. In this final homily, Basil the Great answers questions about what it means for a woman to be made in the image of God and how man's calling to rule also includes overcoming sin.

Episode 81: How We Grow

June 3, 2022 • Zachary Parker

In Redeemer Talk's 81st episode, listen to part of a homily by Basil the Great about how we grow and fill the earth as God commanded Adam and Eve.

Episode 80: How to Rule the Fish

May 20, 2022 • Zachary Parker

In Redeemer Talk's 80th episode, listen to a selection from a homily by Basil the Great about how God's making of man in His image is expressed in our ability to rule and exercise dominion.

Episode 79: Man made by counsel of God

May 13, 2022 • Zachary Parker

In Redeemer Talk's 79th episode, listen to a selection from a homily by Basil the Great about what it means for us to be made in the image of a triune God.

Episode 78: The End of Lent and the Third Day

April 16, 2022 • Ivan James

Episode 65: The High Cost of Medications

In Redeemer Talk's 65th episode, Paul Taylor speaks with us about his career as a pharmacist and changes in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years, including the rising costs of medication.

Episode 64: Preparing the Redeemer Hymnal

April 8, 2021 • Jarrod Richey

In Redeemer Talk's 64th episode, Jarrod Richey speaks with us about a project creating a new hymnal for the congregation at Church of the Redeemer, the "Redeemer Hymnal." Jarrod and Glen Warner and Sarah Davis have been working for weeks on this project, selecting hymns from several sources including the blue Trinity Hymnal and COTR Supplemental Hymnal, while making minor adjustments to the tunes and arrangements.

Episode 63: Gastronomy and Christian Festivity

January 28, 2021 • Joshua Appel

In Redeemer Talk's 63rd episode, Joshua Appel, pastor at Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, Idaho, speaks with us about how festivity orients the Christian life as well as about a course he teaches at New Saint Andrews College, called "Aesthetic Gastronomy."

Episode 49: Twenty-One Years in Peru

December 17, 2020 • Wes Baker

In Redeemer Talk's 49th episode, Wes Baker speaks with us about his 21 years of experience working as a missionary in Peru and the recent accomplishments of the Peru Mission as well as some of the challenges facing them. Visit http://perumission.org for more information about this ministry.

Episode 48: The Meaning of Giving Thanks

November 26, 2020 • Steve Wilkins

In Redeemer Talk's 48th episode, Steve Wilkins, who is the pastor at Church of the Redeemer, speaks about the Christian call to offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving and what it means for gratitude to lead the Christian life.

Episode 47: Jonah Through New Eyes

September 1, 2020 • Uri Brito

In this episode, Pastor Uri Brito speaks about his work with Pastor Rich Lusk in writing a commentary on the Book of Jonah for the Through New Eyes bible commentary series published by Athanasius Press, a publishing ministry at Church of the Redeemer. Keep up with more news about the book and other publications by subscribing to our mailing list at http://athanasiuspress.org

Episode 46: Jesus' Judgment of the World

July 28, 2020 • Peter J. Leithart

In this episode, Dr. Peter J. Leithart elaborates on a passage from his commentary on the Gospel of Matthew about how the judgment on the world by the Son of Man looks, from the world's perspective, like a judgment of the Son of Man. Find the commentary here: https://athanasiuspress.org/product/the-gospel-of-matthew-through-new-eyes-volume-two-jesus-as-israel/

Episode 45: The Challenges of Pastoral Ministry

July 9, 2020 • Uri Brito

In Redeemer Talk's 45th episode, Pastor Uri Brito of Providence Church in Pensacola, Florida speaks with us about his work on a doctoral dissertation examining the challenges of pastoral ministry. He also recommends certain tools and rituals for church leaders to improve their lives as well as their relationship with their church's congregation.

Episode 44: Making Disciples in the Delta

June 22, 2020 • Andrew Dodson

In Redeemer Talk's 44th episode, Andrew Dodson speaks about his work as a therapist in northeastern Louisiana and how ministries like his non-profit, the Novare Foundation, are called to disciple the towns and villages throughout the Delta.