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Short Videos Addressing Current Issues!

Youth leaving the church.

Dave Glander

Discussion about youth leaving the church is vitally important. Dave interviews Ben, a youth pastor of 16 years, about his thoughts and advice on the matter.

EP 032 | Monkey pox!

Frank Figueroa • Romans 1:18–31

Monkey pox outbreak? Frank unpacks this news. How should we respond as christians and how does this new illness speak to the sin of man?

EP 031 | Satan's church (Part 2)

Frank Figueroa • Revelation, Revelation 20:10, Isaiah 14:11–15, Revelation 12:7–11

PA School district allows Satanists to host an "Back to school" event. Lets unpack this. (Previous video related to this would be "Satans club" on this same playlist)

EP 030 | Dr. Damadian

Carl Kerby

Ever heard of an MRI machine? I joke! But did you know the great mind behind this essential machine was a man of faith? in todays world the idea of a Christian being capable of understanding real science is something that is often laughed at. Let's discuss.

EP 029 | God approves abortion?

Dan Lietha • Genesis, Matthew 7:12

Whoopie Goldberg made the bold assertion that God doesn't disagree with abortion, yet she claims He approves of it! Let's see what HIS WORD says. Join us as Dan unpacks this subject!

EP 028 | Self defense and the Bible

Frank Figueroa • Genesis 4:8, Hebrews 11:32–34, Exodus 22:2, Psalm 144:1, Luke 22:36

Frank breaks down an important Supreme Court decision. What does scripture say about self defense?

EP 027 | Dragging us down!

Frank Figueroa • Mark 7, Romans, Deuteronomy, Matthew 18:6–7

Frank tackles a news story dealing with children and their exposure to Drag show culture. What does the Bible say? It's time for us to speak up!

EP 026 | Fake News & Feathers!

Carl Kerby

Don't stop at the surface! Always dig deeper. Don't be deceived by big article headlines!

EP 025 | ichthyosaur!

Carl Kerby

Back at the Glendive Museum! Lets talk dinosaurs!

EP 024 | Petra?

Carl Kerby • 2 Kings 14:7, Isaiah 16:1

Carls sends us a message from Glendive museum! Lets talk about Petra (Selah) and its historical (biblical) context!! God is amazing! Everything we see in His word can be affirmed with what we have today!

EP 023 | Love them.

Dave Glander

How should we as Christ followers respond during pride month?

EP 022 | Evolution or Religion?

Carl Kerby

"Don’t be deceived. The Bible has answers to the issues that we’re confronted with." - Carl Kerby

EP 021 | Mass De-conversion?

Frank Figueroa • Psalm 37:23–34, John 6:7–40, John 6:44

Frank responds to the "de-conversion/de-construction" of many "famous" Christian figures. What does this mean?

EP 020 | The Effects of Racism

Juan Valdes • Genesis

Reasons for Hope responds to mass shooting.

EP 019 | Sex Trafficking

Dave Glander

Dave Glander challenges us to: "Stay truly WOKE . Like stay alert, pay attention to what's going on, and ask the questions. Be bold out there!"