Why Should I Believe God Exists

January 31, 2019 • William Lane Craig

January 31, 2019 Dr. Craig's lecture on foundational arguments for belief in God at Clemson University. The event was sponsored by Ratio Christi

A Conversation with William Lane Craig

January 20, 2019 • William Lane Craig, Erik Thoennes

January 20, 2019 Dr. Craig was invited to sit down with Erik Thoennes of Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada, California for a casual conversation. This candid interview is full of stories, insights, thoughts on communicating the gospel today, and an engaging Q&A session at the end.

God Over All: Divine Aseity & the Challenge of Platonism

January 9, 2019 • William Lane Craig, Peter van Inwagen, Greg Welty

January 9, 2019 Dr. William Lane Craig attended the American Philosophical Association in New York City where he presented a paper on his book God Over All: Divine Aseity and the Challenge of Platonism. Two critics of Dr. Craig’s book were present to respond: Peter van Inwagen of the University of Notre Dame and Greg Welty of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary ------ Event: Author Meets Critics Critics: Peter van inwagen (University of Notre Dame), Greg Welty (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) Chaired by: Severin Kitanov (Salem State University)

Divine Simplicity | EPS Panel

November 19, 2018 • William Lane Craig, Richard Howe, Stephen Davis, Brian Huffling

On November 19, 2018, Dr. Craig participated in a panel discussion on Divine Simplicity. This session was part of various EPS sessions at the 2018 AAR/SBL meeting in Denver, Colorado. The presenters and their papers: William Lane Craig | Objections to Divine Simplicity Richard G. Howe | Southern Evangelical Seminary: Antecedents to Aquinas' Doctrine of Simplicity Stephen T. Davis | Claremont McKenna College: Why Simplicity is Unnecessary J. Brian Huffling | Southern Evangelical Seminary: Responding to Objections to Divine Simplicity. The doctrine of divine simplicity has enjoyed much interest as of late, both from supporters and detractors. This panel discussion offers an opportunity for scholars on both sides of the issue to present their cases.

In Defense of Penal Substitution

November 14, 2018 • William Lane Craig

On November 14, 2018, Dr. Craig was honored to give the Plenary Lecture of the Evangelical Philosophical Society conference in Denver, Colorado. In his lecture to a packed house, Dr. Craig gives a defense of penal substitutionary atonement by outlining its coherence, its justice, and its satisfactoriness.

Arguments for God

November 15, 2018 • William Lane Craig

In November of 2018, Dr. Craig participated in the 15th Annual Apologetics Conference of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. The conference was hosted at Southeast Christian Church in Parker, Colorado. In this presentation on "Arguments for God," Dr. Craig utilizes Reasonable Faith's powerful animated short films to illustrate and communicate his arguments.

What Difference Does It Make If God Exists?

October 20, 2018 • William Lane Craig

In October of 2018, Dr. Craig participated in an Apologetics Intensive through Houston Baptist University, hosted by Second Baptist Houston. In a series of lectures, he provides a robust foundation for belief in God and defending the Christian faith. This is Dr. Craig's opening presentation entitled "What Difference Does It Make If God Exists?"

Philosophical Issues in the Atonement

February 24, 2018 • William Lane Craig

In February 2018 Dr. Craig traveled to North Carolina State University for a series of speaking events hosted by Cru. On 2/24/18 Dr. Craig gave a lecture, followed by a Q&A time, on "Philosophical Issues in the Atonement."

Christ's Substitutionary Atonement

April 7, 2016 • William Lane Craig

In February 2017, Dr. William Lane Craig was invited to speak in the Sunday School class of nanoscientist James Tour at West University Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. In this video, Dr. Craig teaches on Christ's substitutionary atonement and engages questions from the class.

What Philosophy Offers to the New Evangelization

April 7, 2016 • William Lane Craig

On April 7, 2016 Dr. William Lane Craig participated in the Meyer Lectures at St. Mary’s on the Lake Catholic seminary on their spectacular wooded campus in Mundelein, IL just north of Chicago. The topic of this lecture - "What Philosophy Offers to the ‘New Evangelization'" - refers to Pope John Paul II’s call for a re-evangelization of traditionally Christian countries which have become secularized, as in Europe and North America.

Methods for Sharing the Gospel on College Campuses

April 8, 2016 • William Lane Craig

On April 8, 2016 Dr. William Lane Craig spoke at the Meyer Lectures at St. Mary’s on the Lake Catholic seminary on their spectacular wooded campus just north of Chicago in Mundelein, IL. The topic for this lecture: "Methods for Sharing the Gospel on College Campuses."

Open Q&A with Dr. Craig

April 11, 2016 • William Lane Craig

In April 2016, Dr. William Lane Craig was invited to Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, IL to speak at their annual missions conference. While there, he took time for a lengthy session of open Q&A with the audience.

Why Is Apologetics Important?

April 7, 2016 • William Lane Craig

In March 2016, Dr. William Lane Craig participated in the Reasonable Faith Apologetics Conference at the Church of Singapore. This two-day Reasonable Faith conference was designed to train Christians in the defense of their faith and was attended by people from Malaysia, China, Australia, and even Myanmar.

Evidence for God

February 2, 2016 • William Lane Craig

Ratio Christi at Kennesaw State University hosted Dr. William Lane Craig on February 2, 2016. He lectured on "Evidence for God" and presented philosophical arguments for the existence of God. He also responded to the popular arguments and objections made by the famous atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins. At the end of the evening, there was audience Q&A.

Cosmology: A Religion for Atheists?

March 22, 2015 • William Lane Craig

In the film The Theory Of Everything, Stephen Hawking (portrayed by Eddie Redmayne) claims that cosmology is "a religion for intelligent atheists". The question haunts the film as it haunts Hawking's books. Dr William Lane Craig examines this claim - critiquing both dialogue from the film, and Prof. Hawking's own publications. Does a beginning to the universe entail a creator? Does Hawking's latest "no boundary" Big Bang model eliminate the need for God? What hope is there, in a Godless universe? And is philosophy "dead" as Stephen Hawking claims? This lecture was delivered at Highfield Church, Southampton, in the UK.