When Bill Met Kevin | pt 1

Aug 12, 2019

William Lane Craig

This is the very first interview Kevin did with Dr. Craig back in 1998. They were joined by David Geisler (who recently lost his father, Dr. Norman Geisler).

Aaron Rodgers Doubts His Faith

Feb 17, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers questions Christianity on a recent podcast. Dr. Craig offers some help.

Matt Fradd Interviews Dr. Craig | pt 2

Feb 3, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig appears on "The Pints With Aquinas Podcast" to discuss Reasonable Faith, his debates, and vision.

In Intellectual Neutral

Jan 20, 2020 • William Lane Craig

What would Dr. Craig say to your church if he was invited to speak?