Reasonable Faith Podcasts

William Lane Craig

Questions on Graham Oppy, The Atonement, and Debate Technique

Feb 22, 2021 • William Lane Craig

Listeners ask about atheist philosopher Graham Oppy, the Atonement, and why debates are important.

End-Times Paralysis

Feb 15, 2021 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig examines an atheist's contention that Christians act irresponsibly due to their view of end times.

Dr. Craig Responds to Ken Ham

Feb 08, 2021 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig addresses criticism leveled at him from Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis.

The Evangelical Problem of Prayer

Feb 01, 2021 • William Lane Craig

An atheist blogger asks why Christians bother to pray when God will do what he wants anyway.

Does Dr. Craig Believe John 3:16?

Jan 25, 2021 • William Lane Craig

Someone on Facebook accused Dr. Craig of not believing John 3:16. Dr. Craig straightens things out.

An Exciting Update

Jan 18, 2021 • William Lane Craig

Dr Craig begins writing his Systematic Theology with a discussion on the relationship of faith and reason.

Interview with Sean McDowell | Part 2

Dec 28, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig continues his personal life with Sean McDowell, including a discussion on how God sometimes uses failure to accomplish things in our lives.

Interview with Sean McDowell | Part 1

Dec 21, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig is interviewed by Dr. Sean McDowell on his life story and the people who have most influenced him.

Reasonable Faith: Behind The Scenes with Michael Lepien

Dec 18, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Kevin interviews Michael Lepien, Executive Director for Reasonable Faith, on what it's like to travel the world with Dr. Craig, apologetics, and the pandemic's impact on the local church.

A Tragedy Revisited

Dec 09, 2020 • William Lane Craig

On the fifth anniversary of the death of his son, Kevin Harris offers reflections and an encore presentation of the podcast in which Dr. Craig interviewed Kevin.

Should Christians Embrace Critical Race Theory?

Dec 2, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig exposes what Critical Race Theory is really all about.

Questions on Evil, Inerrancy, and the Argument From Contingency

Nov 23, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Another question on the Problem of Evil, the alleged contradictions in the Resurrection accounts, and the Argument From Contingency.

Questions on Historical Criteria, Genesis, and Philosophy

Nov 16, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig fields questions on the "Criterion of Dissimilarity", understanding Genesis, and how philosophy, science, and scripture work together.

The Resurrection, Fideism, and Circularity

Nov 9, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig interacts with a philosophy blog on whether the Christian exercises "blind faith" and circular reasoning when it comes to the Resurrection of Jesus.

The Supreme Court Appointment

Nov 3, 2020 • William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig shares thoughts on the recent Supreme Court appointment and what it means for the future of the USA.