The Ontological Argument

Impossible Universe

William Lane Craig

Reasonable Faith and Avoid Project team up for this cinematic short film on the impossible reality of our universe's finely-tuned, life-permitting existence. "Scientists have come to realize a startling truth- the universe looks suspiciously like a fix." -Paul Davies Our existence is balanced on a razor's edge of incomprehensible good fortune. From the first moment of its inception, the universe’s governing parameters appear to have been delicately calibrated to permit the existence of intelligent life...

God & Mathematics

Why does mathematics work? Think about it... Mathematical entities like numbers, sets, and equations are non-physical and abstract. They can’t cause anything. Yet, for some reason, the physical universe operates...mathematically. As Galileo put it, “The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics.” “Scientists do not use mathematics merely as a convenient way of organising the data. They believe that mathematical relationships reflect real aspects of the physical world. Science relies on the assumption that we live in an ordered Universe that is subject to precise mathematical laws. Thus, the laws of physics, ... are all expressed as mathematical equations.” - Paul Davies So, how do we explain the astonishing applicability of math to the physical world?

What About People Who've Never Heard of Jesus?

When Christians claim that Jesus is the only way to God, an objection is often raised: If Jesus is the only way to God, what about those who’ve never heard of Jesus? Is God unfair? Are some people just unlucky - born at the wrong time and place in history? They can’t possibly be saved … or can they? This brief animation addresses these objections to Christian particularism in a way that affirms divine justice and compassion as well as human free choice.