10 Lessons to Help Men Win

1 - A Man & Personal Revival

When you seek the face of God, everything changes.

2 - A Man & His Path

Who is on the journey with you and where are you taking them?

3 - A Man & His Mind

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.

4 - A Man & His Time

It’s not often what needs your time, but who needs your time.

5 - A Man & Sexual Purity

There is the hunt for the precious life… and it’s not just yours.

6 - A Man & His Faithfulness

Who can find a faithful man?

7 - A Man & His Discipleship

Ultimately, discipleship is a manhood issue not a church issue.

8 - A Man & His Wife

The most powerful team on the planet is a husband and wife walking in oneness before a Holy God.

9 - A Man & His Fatherhood

You cannot talk about fatherhood without talking about manhood.

10 - A Man & The Fear of Man

Are you seeking man’s approval?