REAL MOMENTUM at Woodstock

2017 August - November Teaching Series

A Man & Compromise 2

Jody Pack

A Man & Vision

Buddy Hulsey

Helping Men Win

Keith Boggs

A Man & Forgiveness

Steve Hyland

A Man & Marriage

James Eubanks

A Man & Compromise

Richard Kennedy

A Man & The Great Commission

Ken Lassiter & Fred Campbell

A Man & Excellence

Wes Cantrell, Sr

A Man & Mentoring

Chuck Mingonet

A Man & His Money

Jim Law

Ken Lassiter shares about the need for men to step up and help with Woodstock Missions before Jim Law speaks on money


Special Guests Regi Campbell and Kevin Harris

A Man & His Church

Tony Williams

A Man & His Failures

Shawn Cheek

A Man & His Race

Buddy Hulsey

A Man & Faith

Keith Boggs