21 Day Fast

Preparing For Pentecost

May 4 - 24, 2023

Why are we fasting? God is always moving, always present, and always speaking. We believe something new and something great is coming as we approach Pentecost and it is our desire to sync ourselves, spirit, mind, and body, to hear clearly from Holy Spirit. Through this fast, we are positioning our hearts to “shed the dread” and step fully into the breakthrough we’ve been believing for! It is time for OVERFLOW! Our heart is to do this together as one body. No one will be in this alone! So if you are joining in with us, please make sure to register here so that we can better cover and encourage each other along the way. Your breakthrough is our breakthrough! How are we fasting? There are several ways that you can fast. We encourage you to ask the Lord what type of fast you should do. a)     Liquid Fast – only consume liquids, i.e. soups, juices, water, and herbal teas. b)    Daniel Fast – only consume vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Drink juices, water, and teas. c)     Partial Fast – skip a meal each day OR eliminate certain food(s) from your diet, i.e. dairy, sugar, and/or bread. The aim is that you are sacrificing something that usually sustains and comforts you. This is NOT a diet. We deny ourselves these foods and instead spend time with the Lord in prayer and reading the Bible. This feeds us spiritually and will sustain us.   In addition to fasting from food, we are also encouraging everyone to unplug from social media and news media platforms for 21 days. The flood of digital information and non-stop voices are constantly discipling us in the ways of the world, without us even realizing it. In these 21 days we are going to be intentional about “not conforming to the world, but being transformed by the renewing of our minds” Romans 12:2. Each Tuesday & Friday there will be a prayer focus and devotional posted on our Facebook so make sure to keep an eye out for those. We also want to hear all the testimonies to come so we've created space during our Sunday gatherings for you to share yours. Practical ways to prepare yourself to fast: 1.  Pray about how to fast. 2.  Make the commitment to the Lord. How will you fast? What will you sacrifice? Write it down in your journal. 3. Prepare your heart. Bring any fears and/or doubts to the Lord. 4. Prepare physically. Cut out coffee / caffeine at least 3 days before you start fasting. If going on liquids, eat only raw vegetables and fruits for 2 days before you start the fast. Adjust your plans and commitments during the fast so that you have time to pray and spend time with God. 5. Set your schedule. Decide now when you will pray each day. Make note of our prayer gatherings and plan to be a part of it. 6. Persevere. Encourage one another. 7. Break the fast gradually. If you only took liquids, re-introduce solid food slowly. Start with fruits and raw vegetables. Then add simple starches. Drink plenty of fluids. Lastly add back white meat and then red meat.