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Ep.022 | Pastor Jack & Heidi St. John: The Problem with Public Education

Jack Hibbs & Heidi St John

It’s no secret that the public school system is being used to indoctrinate our young people. But what can we do about it? What is America’s future if we don’t reform public education? Pastor Jack & Heidi St John answer these questions on today’s podcast!

Ep.021 | Pastor Jack & Larry Elder: What Happened To Our American Values?

Jack Hibbs & Larry Elder

Pastor Jack interviews Larry Elder on the current decline of the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded upon. He shares his concerns about the impact of the media, the culture, and education on America’s future generations.

Ep.020 | Jack Hibbs Interviews Liz Wheeler

Jack Hibbs & Liz Wheeler

Pastor Jack and Liz Wheeler discuss the election, the recent vacancy on the Supreme Court bench, and what is at stake for the precious lives of the unborn and our future generations.

Ep.019 | Jack Hibbs & Seth Gruber: The Right To Life

Jack Hibbs & Seth Gruber

Pastor Jack and Seth Gruber discuss the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the current attack on the basic human right to life. Now more than ever, it’s time to get off the sidelines and fight to protect the unborn!

Ep.018 | Jack Hibbs Interviews Dennis Prager

Jack Hibbs & Dennis Prager

Jack Hibbs and Dennis Prager of Prager University sit down to review the pressing issues of our day. Join their discussion on the impact of today’s youth on the culture, the educational system in America, the controversy of nationalism, and the current push for socialism.

Ep.017 | Jack Hibbs & Amir Tsarfati: A Global Perspective Of The Church’s Re-opening

Jack Hibbs & Amir Tsarfati

Pastor Jack sits down with Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel and discusses the tensions that exist over the re-opening of the church, the concerns of COVID, and adhering to local law while maintaining obedience to God.

Ep.016 | Pastor Jack Interviews Grace Cho

Jack Hibbs & Grace Cho

In this episode, Pastor Jack interviews Grace Cho about her transformation since coming to faith in Christ. Grace shares about her newfound freedom and peace, as well as a radical shift in her views on abortion, politics, and the influence of mainstream media.

Ep.015 | Jack Hibbs and Charlie Kirk: Open The Churches!

Jack Hibbs & Charlie Kirk

Pastor Jack sits down with Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA to discuss the urgency facing America to open up the nation's churches, regardless of the edicts from governors and mayors.

Ep.014 | How Could I Possibly Vote For Donald Trump?

Jack Hibbs

Many people are quick to point the finger at Donald Trump and accuse him of being an “immoral” man. Pastor Jack reminds us that our hope is in Jesus Christ, and not a man. He encourages us to break away from emotionalism and get back to what really matters: voting for those who stand for life and promote biblical values.

Ep.013 | The Border Issue | Real Life Talk Podcast

Jack Hibbs

One of the biggest political talking points at the moment is Border Control. We know that the God of the Bible says that He is the one who has set boundaries for nations, so how are we to view this current issue in light of God’s Word? And how do we know that what we are hearing on the news is truthful? To answer these questions, Pastor Jack details his recent trip to a border crossing facility and shares what the mainstream media is leaving out.

Ep.012 | Socialism - Haven't We Learned From History? | Real Life Talk

Jack Hibbs

Socialism has gained support rapidly in recent years. Why is it that some people find it so attractive? In this episode, Pastor Jack takes a look at the track record of socialism and discusses it in relation to freedom, financial success, and our God-given individuality.

Ep.011 | Religious Freedom and Your Vote | Real Life Talk

Jack Hibbs

Revival begins when God’s people do the right thing. As Christians, how can we carry out our responsibility to voice our biblical worldview? How can Pastors address this with their people? In this episode, Pastor Jack discusses religious freedom and encourages believers to speak boldly on cultural issues in our world today.

Ep.010 | Answering Bible Questions with Pastor Jack (Praying in The Spirit) | Real Life Talk

Jack Hibbs

In this episode Pastor Jack explains what it means to pray in the Spirit. Is there a difference between praying in the Spirit and praying in tongues? Can all Christians pray in the Spirit? Find out in this episode of Real Life Talk.

Ep.009 | Answering Bible Questions with Pastor Jack (The Rapture) | Real Life Talk

Jack Hibbs

In this episode, Pastor Jack addresses your questions about the Rapture of the Church. Be sure to grab your Bibles and to take some notes as you partake in this eschatological crash course.

Ep.008 | Jack Hibbs and Charlie Kirk: What Will You Stand For? | Real Life Talk

Jack Hibbs

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA and Pastor Jack Hibbs discuss the Christian's role in politics. Learn here why you may want to reconsider how you stand and defend truth.