My Personal Story

January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015 • Jack Hibbs

Everyone's got a story! Join Pastor Jack as he tells his story. From a botched abortion, being ridiculed for stuttering and grasping for the approval of his dad, to finding forgiveness and purpose in Jesus Christ.

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Pull Back From The Edge

A heightened awareness of sickness and death is causing many to live in constant fear. But there is great news for the believer: we are invincible until Christ calls us home. We can embrace this comforting truth and find hope in God’s eternal promises.


Jack Hibbs

The world is eagerly turning to socialism, Marxism, and similar worldviews to solve their problems. Why? Pastor Jack discusses the current void in the Church and why believers must STOP and strengthen themselves in the Lord.

The Mind And How It Works

Jack Hibbs

The Bible tells us we are made in God’s image and bear His moral likeness. Our ability to think, create, and imagine all come from Him. We invite you to search the Scriptures along with Pastor Jack to understand the mind and how it works.