Discovering Track

Historical Theology

January 28, 2024
10:45 - 11:45am

Discovering is an intentional journey of learning timeless truths for the church today, exploring a broad range of theological topics. This Spring 2024 semester, we’ll provide a track on Historical Theology, which focuses on the development and history of Christian doctrine. The Spring 2024 Semester will be divided into three sections: Scripture 1. The Reliability of Scripture | January 28th 2. The Canon of Scripture | February 4th 3. The Authority of Scripture | February 11th 4. Interpretation of Scripture / Hermeneutics | February 18th The Church 1. The Development of the Church | March 3rd 2. The Resurrection and the Early Church | March 10th 3. Special Stand Alone Teaching - Genres of Scripture (Kristie Anyabwile) | March 17th 4. The Patristic Period | March 24th Theological Development 1. Creeds and Councils Overview | April 7th 2. Apostles’ Creed | April 14th 3. Heresy and Heretics | April 21st 4. The Protestant Reformation | April 28th FAQ’s: Who is this for? This course is for those wanting to dig deeper into the Christian faith. It will be made available to members, attenders, and guests. [This is not an ideal route for those still exploring Christianity for the first time, in which case we would suggest our Following track.] How long is this track? Spring 2024 semester of Discovering will be twelve weeks in total. However, you have the option to participate in one, two, or all three of the month-long sections listed above. When and where will it take place? The Discovering track will occur on Sundays from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. in the Knox Room (Kid’s Church Room). What does it cost? This is a free resource. However, it will involve a certain level of sacrifice and commitment to see it through. Will there be something for children? Yes! Beginning in January 2024, we will now have a kids Sunday School hour available which will run concurrently with the Discovering Track. This class will be open to kids ages 3-12.