Parables of Judgment Sermons

Parable of the Talents

11/22/2020 - Matthew 25 • November 22, 2020 • Pastor Jamie Page

Do you want to hear a ‘Hard Saying’? Or are you just thankful? SETTING SAYING EXPLAINING I. Grace II. No Faith REALIZING SAVING

The Parable of the King's Son's Wedding

11/15/2020 - Matthew 22:1-14 • November 15, 2020 • Pastor Jamie Page

You're not going to Heaven.....because you don't have Jesus SETTING SAYING EXPLAINING 1. Everyone is Welcome 2. But You Need to Wear the Right Clothes REALIZING SAVING

The Parable of the Two Sons and the Wicked Tenants

11/08/2020 - Matthew 21.28-46 • November 8, 2020 • Pastor Jamie Page

You think you’re completely right. But your utterly wrong. SETTING SAYING EXPLAINING REALIZING SAVING

Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard

11/01/2020 - Matthew 20:1-16 • November 1, 2020 • Pastor Jamie Page

Why do you think you’re better than everyone else? Setting Saying Explaining Realizing Saving