Where is God? The White Horse

01/22/2023: Esther 5.9-6.14

January 22, 2023 • Jamie Page • Esther 5:9—6:14

God is in the Resolution Because He is in the Reversal.

I. v.9-14; If I Could Just...But God is There

II. v.1-9; God is in the Resolution

III. v.10-14; Because God is in the Reversal

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Where Is God? The Book

February 12, 2023 • Jamie Page • Esther 9:20—10:3

Write it Down. Record it. Rejoice. I. v.20-10.3; Write it Down II. John 21.25; Record it III. Rejoice 

Where is God? The Hanging

January 29, 2023 • Jamie Page • Esther 7:1—9:19

Where is God? The Hanging I. 7.1-10; Wicked Haman II.8.1-9.19; ___________ Esther  III. Wicked __________

Where Is God? The Welcome

January 15, 2023 • Jamie Page • Esther 2:21—5:8

Where Is God? The Welcome