Haunted / Hopeful

John 12-13

Gracious Invitation

John 13:18-30 • April 26, 2020 • Sean Gasperetti

Whether you've walked towards Jesus or away from him, there is grace available for those who opt in.

Be Cleansed. Be Humble. Be Sent.

John 13:1-17 • April 19, 2020 • Brian McCormack

Jesus breaks from all expectations of a rabbi on Passover to do something typically only done by the lowliest of servants — he washes his disciples’ feet, and commands them to do the same for others. Before we can do what Jesus did, we must know the 3 things he knew that empowered him to love to the uttermost.

Five Timely Answers to Five Timeless Questions

John 12:44-50 • April 5, 2020 • Brian McCormack

Who is Jesus? Why did he come? Is there hope for me? Do my decisions matter? How can I have eternal life?

See, Believe, Speak

John 12:37-43 • March 29, 2020 • Sean Gasperetti

Whether you’re on a mountain top or walking through the valley - we ALL need hope in this season. As the church, it’s our job to share about the hope we’ve found in Christ, and offer support wherever possible.

Walk, Believe, Become

John 12:27-36 • March 22, 2020 • Sean Gasperetti

We have a choice - to walk in darkness or to walk in the light. Both have consequences, but one leads to the life each of us ultimately desire.

From Pain to Glory

John 12:20-28 • March 8, 2020 • Sean Gasperetti

Have you ever had to gear up for something you knew would be good in the long run but difficult in the immediate? Jesus did and, as it turns out, his response to that question is the exact hope each of us longs for - especially in times of great need.

Dying To Live

John 12:20-26 • March 1, 2020 • Sean Gasperetti

Everyone is dying to live, but we’re killing ourselves in the process. The striving for purpose and fulfillment only wears us down. Jesus invites us to die, and in doing so, find the abundant life we’re all searching for.

Jesus, We Wish To See You

John 12:20-26 • February 23, 2020 • Nick Shafto

How do you 'see' Jesus? In John 12, Some Greeks who were looking for Jesus stand out against the gospel narrative as unusual in the political landscape of the time. In a culture where there was separate "worship" for the Gentiles at the Jewish temple, these men were a picture of all who want to know God. As these Greeks request to see Jesus, his response is that in order to rightly see him, you have to see his death, burial, and resurrection.