James 5:12-20

Bring Them Back

October 3, 2021 • Stephen Marti • James 5:19–20

Partnering and Praying in Faith

September 26, 2021 • Sean Gasperetti • James 5:13–18

A Primer on Prayer

September 19, 2021 • Sean Gasperetti • Matthew 6:9–13

The Lord's Prayer is one of the commonly utilized prayers in the entirety of scripture. Jesus reveals many of Heaven's priorities through this prayer and invites you and I to carry it with us wherever we go.

Yes or No?

September 12, 2021 • Sean Gasperetti • James 5:12

Your actions, words, lifestyle - it all holds weight. Ultimately, God is looking for faithful people who will steward his name well, who will speak on his behalf and act consistently with those words.