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Does My Life Have Purpose?

John 20:19-21, Matthew 28:16-20 • April 14, 2019 • Sean Gasperetti

Your existence is not an accident. Your identity is greater than you know. Your life has a purpose, and Jesus offers direction on where to find it.

Is A Fulfilled Life Even Possible

Psalm 23, John 4:10-14 • April 7, 2019 • Sean Gasperetti

Our culture is filled with people who are both wildly successful and profoundly unsatisfied. Are you willing to consider the possibility that satisfaction comes not in the acquisition of things, nor the performing of works, but in the knowledge of a particular person?

Can People Really Change?

Matthew 16:15-18 • March 31, 2019 • Stephen Marti

Often, our most hopeless moments are those marked by our perceived inability to realize lasting life change. But what if, through the power of what the Gospel makes possible, real change was not only achievable, but an inevitable? In our sin, we became distinctly other than God. But through Jesus, we can regain what was lost as we are re-made holy once again through his power.

Am I Going to Make It?

Mark 4:35-41 • March 24, 2019 • Sean Gasperetti

When you’re caught in the middle of a storm in your life, what do you do? Is there hope that you’ll hit solid ground? Absolutely, because Jesus sustains.

Can I Be Set Free?

Luke 19:1-10 • March 17, 2019 • Sean Gasperetti

Everyone is enslaved to something, and some things enslave us all. We need a redeemer who can remove guilt, alleviate fear, defeat evil, and conquer death. So, can we be set free? Yes, because Jesus Saves.