Hear My Voice

John 10

The Cost and Reward of Playing the Long Game

Brian McCormack • John 10:40–42

Our culture says that we are entitled to the things we want immediately and effortlessly. Jesus demonstrates something entirely different. To follow him is to embrace a way of life that will cost you everything....but will be so very worth it.

5 Things the Son of God is Saying to You

Brian McCormack • John 10:30–39

The closer you are to the identity of who God says you are, the more opposition you will face. Thankfully, our God is greater than it all.

Safe in His Hands

September 15, 2019 • Brian McCormack • John 10:22–30

Plenty of things will come against you in this life hoping to separate you from the God who loves you. None of them will succeed. Your shepherd, your father is too strong for that.

The Good Shepherd

September 8, 2019 • Brian McCormack • John 10:1–18

We are constantly overwhelmed by all kinds of voices. Thankfully, Jesus is eager to silence the voices that are not from him, and reveal himself as the one who can lead, feed, protect, and save us.