Please Come Home

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Living Out the Whole Gospel Together

April 14, 2019 • Eugene Cho • Luke 4

Our friend, Eugene Cho lays out the very heartbeat of Reach by declaring a big gospel and inviting us to embrace both the Great Commission (make disciples) and the Great Commandment (love your neighbor).

"Does my life have a purpose?"

April 7, 2019 • Brian McCormack

For centuries philosophers have been asking “what is the meaning of life?” Where are we to find purpose? What should we live for and die for? What if God’s great purposes in the world are to be adopted as our own? And what if the joy we long for becomes a reality as we do so?

Q+A: Jesus Satisfies

Brian McCormack

Questions are answered about this week's sermon: "Is a fulfilled life even possible?"

"Is a fulfilled life even possible?"

March 31, 2019 • Brian McCormack

Our culture is full of people who are both wildly successful and profoundly unsatisfied. For some reason we all buy into the lie that power, and performance, and excess, and indulgence will quench the thirst deep within us.⁣ And we all remain thirsty throughout these pursuits. Are we willing to consider the possibility that satisfaction comes not in the acquisition of things or the performing of works, but in the knowledge of a particular person?⁣

Q+A: Jesus Sanctifies

Brian McCormack

Questions are answered about this week's sermon: "Can people really change?"

"Can people really change?"

March 24, 2019 • Brian McCormack

For many of us, our most hopeless moments happen as we reflect on our inability to make meaningful changes in our lives. Addiction feels too strong, and fear too real for us to keep hoping to become something different, something better.⁣ What would change if we were to come face-to-face with a supernatural power that was committed to championing the process of bringing meaningful change into our very hearts? Answer: Everything. Everything would change. Starting with us.⁣

Q+A: Jesus Sustains

Brian McCormack

Questions are answered about this week's sermon: "Am I going to make it through this?"

"Am I going to make it through this?"

March 17, 2019 • Brian McCormack

Everyone takes their turn going through hardship. If there is power to strengthen us for our journeys through dark times, surely we’d all like to know. Good news: Jesus sustains. He’s more committed to you than you are to Him.

"Can I be set free?"

March 10, 2019 • Brian McCormack

Everyone is enslaved to something, and some things all of us are enslaved to. We need a redeemer who can remove guilt, alleviate fear, defeat evil, and conquer death. So, can we be set free? Yes, because Jesus Saves.

Please Come Home

March 3, 2019 • Brian McCormack, Josh Siegel

Sometimes it’s important to pause, reflect on all we’ve learned, celebrate stories of God’s faithfulness, and agree together on the path God has called us to walk in unity for the season to come. This year’s journey to Easter will be different than any before. We’re going to do all we can to create spaces of safety, risk, and joy so MANY can hear the Good News of Jesus.