A Church that Remains

Spiritual Practices for Abiding


October 25, 2020 • Brian McCormack, Shane Krumm • Genesis 1—2, Mark 2:23—3:6

In a culture that treats busyness like a badge of honor, committing a day every week to intentional rest looks somewhere between irrational and insane. But when we remember Jesus has already done the work that matters most, our rest becomes worshipful, joyful, and the very thing we need.


October 18, 2020 • Brian McCormack • Matthew 9:14–17

In a culture of indulgence, excess and self-reliance, fasting might be the most counter-cultural thing we can do. It’s time to make room.

Silence & Solitude

October 11, 2020 • Megan Johnson • Mark 2:13, Mark 3:7, Mark 3:13, Mark 1:35

Silence and solitude is essential to a thriving spiritual life. Our culture places such little value on this practice that it can be one of the harder ones to make space for. However, when we obediently place ourselves before God we are able to experience the forming power of becoming like Christ.

Pray Through Scripture

October 4, 2020 • Jason Chudnofsky • Revelation 10:4, Revelation 8—10, Psalm 103:1–13, Psalm 23

Scripture is a tool God has given us to connect with Him. If we are going to be people who remain in Jesus, we must learn how to use it. Pastor Jason teaches us how to pray through scripture and shares how this practice has impacted his life.

Read Scripture

September 27, 2020 • Brian McCormack • Luke 24

There's no way to abide in Christ without abiding in his Word. And many of us still don't. What if we actually wanted to? And what if we actually did?