Fake Fruit / Real Fruit

July 26, 2020 • Rob Faucette • John 15:4–8

Fruit is the accumulation of our character, conduct, attitudes and actions. Rob Faucette leads us through John 15:4-8 outlining what it means to bear fruit and to abide in Jesus.

Thank God There's A Helper

September 13, 2020 • Brian McCormack • John 15:25–27

If abiding in Jesus and bearing fruit feels impossible, you’re right. We can’t do what we’ve been called to do without divine assistance. Luckily, there’s a helper committed to teaching, reminding and guiding us.

Painful, but Worth It

September 6, 2020 • Brian McCormack • John 15

Reviewing John 15 as a whole reveals the 3-fold command that helps us bear much fruit. Bottom line: there is no way forward without pruning. It will be painful, but it will be worth it.

How to Be Hated

August 30, 2020 • Brian McCormack • John 15:18–25

Immediately after equipping his followers to love one another, he prepares them to be hated. It's our job to make sure we are being opposed for the right reasons, and to remind each other why we can be confident in the face of opposition.