When God Calls You

How He Leads

August 20, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Sin is serious. Achan and his entire family bore the full weight of his sin. Today, Jesus bears the weight of our sin for us. How will you respond? How will you choose to live differently because of God’s mercy?

Going To War

August 13, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

When Joshua lead his people to march around Jericho, he had God with him. Still, going into a battle is scary. Discover a clear method of attack you can take when facing your enemy.

Faith Stories

August 6, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Life is filled with crossroads and dead-ends. Joshua is a model for how God uses obstacles to reveal Himself in powerful ways. What story might God be scripting for your life if you would answer His call?

A New Home

July 30, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

God never intended the wilderness to be the final destination for the Hebrews. Instead, like Joshua, He wanted them to set their sights on His provision with a positive outlook and unwavering faith. Is your current frame of mind directing you toward the wilderness or the promised land?

Moses Is Dead

July 23, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Whether we thrive or fade depends on how we handle change. The historical figure Joshua provides a case study on how God helps us live confidently during challenging times. Like Joshua, are we ready to accept God’s direction so that we can sense the joy of His victory?