Individual Messages

Great Expectations!

March 24, 2018 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Jesus arrived in Jerusalem like a king, adored by the crowd. They expected Him to rescue them from the Romans, but Jesus had a different plan – a plan to save the world.


February 25, 2018 • Peter Heck

Ever wonder how God designed you to fit into this fallen culture? In life, there are all sorts of trials and challenges to consider. The Bible gives us powerful eternal promises to cling to as we walk in faith.

The Power Of Others

February 11, 2018 • Pastor Willy Mayfield

Our world is so busy and fractured. Sometimes it's difficult to go deeper with others, yet the sweet spot of the Christian experience comes when we are sincerely connected to others in community.

What Will You Do?

1/1/2017 • January 1, 2017 • Pastor Mike McGuire

A new year with new opportunities. What will you do to ensure this year is one to remember.

Made To Flourish!

December 31, 2017 • Pastor Jim Phillips

There is a war raging for your soul. Your body and spirit are fighting for control. Find out how to be set free to flourish.

Does Real Peace Exist?

September 11, 2016 • September 11, 2016 • Pastor Willy Mayfield

Sometimes we face difficult situations and do not know how to find peace during our trials. This can cause anxiety, worry and built- up anger and aggression. How do we find real peace during our unfortunate circumstances?

Laughter Of Gratitude

November 26, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Consider the best way to get through those tougher seasons of life. Whenever you need to recapture your faith – read through Psalm 107 and remain grateful.

Genesis 28

November 12, 2017 • Ryan Azzaro

Do you find yourself in some tricky situations? Are you traveling down long murky tunnels only to hit dead ends? Consider Jacob’s story and see how God can help you find a way out.

The Power to Inspire

May 15, 2016 • May 15, 2016 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Everyone will face challenges to their convictions. Sometimes the challenges are actually threats which warn of severe cost. What do we do in these moments, particularly when our faith is the conviction being challenged? This message looks at an example of courageous living that ended with an inspiring result.

The Power Of God

November 5, 2017 • Pastor Willy Mayfield

Do you find yourself powerless to help others? What would it look like if you could tap into a power that would be never ending? How could that change your life?

A Love That Changes

July 16, 2017 • Pastor Willy Mayfield

Do you think our world is in trouble when it comes to real love? Why does there seem to be a lack of love of everywhere we look? Jesus gives good insight about why we crave real love and how we can truly find it.

The Secret To Living True Fulfillment

May 1, 2016 • May 1, 2016 • Pastor Willy Mayfield

We live in a world where people struggle to find true fulfillment. The normal routes people try are roadblocks. But once in a while we hear those stories which remind us that it’s possible for our lives to have real meaning. What can we learn from the life of Jesus and the unique path He laid for true and lasting fulfillment?

Decision Tree

January 3, 2016 • January 3, 2016 • Pastor Mike McGuire

The New Year is a season of resolutions. However, before the resolutions are the swarm of decisions we must make regarding an exponentially growing number of choices. Jesus presents us a decision tree that safeguards our peace, expands our opportunities, and preserves our freedom of choice.

Be The Church

September 2, 2017 • Pastor Mike McGuire

Hurricane Harvey’s effects will be felt for months to come. How will the Church respond to this catastrophic event? How will you respond?

Cultivating A Heart Of Compassion

November 27, 2016 • November 27, 2016 • Pastor Willy Mayfield

There are many excuses to be without compassion and many reasons to avoid showing compassion on certain people. If God is a God of compassion, and He is calling us to have a heart of compassion, how can we, in a world that lacks compassion, cultivate that kind of heart?