Abundant Life At Work

March 5, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

We spend so much time at work. If the financial incentive was removed, what remains? Abundant life requires a vision of work that goes far beyond money.

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Coming Full Circle!

March 11, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

How do you know if you have abundant life? When have you arrived? The key is not in how much you get but in what you generously give. There is great freedom when we trust God enough to live generously.

Financial Wisdom!

February 26, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Financial freedom is a result of wise financial decisions. You don’t need a financial degree to prosper, but you do need to make wise choices. This message will identify six wise financial behaviors that will lead to radical financial freedom.

Breaking Free!

February 19, 2017 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Many of our financial woes come from our attachment to things. We want to own and possess but it doesn't make us happy. What if there is a simpler and more effective way to happiness?