Finding Joy

December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Joy is a major theme of the Christmas story--it’s sang and celebrated, but is it experienced? What did Jesus teach about joy and the secrets to experiencing joy in all circumstances and with all people?

Christmas Eve Service

December 24, 2016 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

The Advent Of Love

December 11, 2016 • December 11, 2016 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

The season of Advent remembers the longing of a difficult time long ago. How does the story of Jesus and the circumstances of His birth give us hope today. That despite our circumstances, we can find love for difficult times.

Finding Hope

December 4, 2016 • December 4, 2016 • Pastor Sean Azzaro

Many people today have a view that we are living in dark times and they carry with them a dark perspective. Yet, the message of Advent is a message of hope. What light can the story of Jesus share that might change our expectations about what the future holds for each of us?