Warriors of Ramoth - Preston Kinikin & Ian Brown

Reaching For Real Life - #419

May 17, 2022 • Pastor Sean Azzaro, Preston Kinikin, I

After more breaking news of another exciting show coming to the Real Life Amphitheater after this big week with The Zac Brown Band, it gets real real quick. Meet the men behind Warriors of Ramoth: Preston Kinikin (CEO-Certified First Responder Chaplain) and Ian Brown (CFO-US Army, Sergeant Frist Class (R)). Warriors of Ramoth is a non-profit that supports Veterans and First Responders suffering with PTSD and the effects of trauma. www.warriorsoframoth.org

Reuven Doron From Israel

April 16, 2024 • Pastor Sean Azzaro • Psalm 122:6–7

As Iran inters the Gaza War with a 300 missel attack, Pastor Sean reaches out to our friend, Pastor, Bible Teacher, and former Israeli soldier Reuven Doron direct from Israel. Hear todays headlines from the Israeli perspective, and understand the huge opportunity this is for his country to find the Messiah. It's also comforting to hear that Israel is praying for this country too.

Easter And The Eclipse

April 9, 2024 • Pastor Sean Azzaro • Psalm 19:1

Many Researches/Scholars suggest that when Christ was crucified, a total eclipse caused the darkness in the day. So almost 2000 years later (and earlier this week) another eclipse hits the US between Easter and Passover...and we're still here. No blood moon...no apocalypse...no rapture...what's up with that? What does the Word say about the coming of Christ? And the heavens declaring the glory of God? Pastor Sean will bring it back down to Earth and have some fun with it too.

Control - Man Wants It - God's Got It

March 26, 2024

It's Easter Week and of course you're invited to River City's Church in the Amphitheatre! The Resurrection is real and your faith is real! Meanwhile in America a Catholic couple in Massachusetts were denied approval to adopt a child because of their beliefs. Pastor Sean says it's always about control...just as it was with the religious leaders and government during the time of Christ. What's a Christian to do? For now...hit "play".