How To Overcome Being Overwhelmed

Lessons from Solomon

Overwhelmed • May 4, 2019 • Jeremy Parker

We are in a spiritual battle and we need to be fully equipped in that battle. II Chron. 6 - Solomon. You learn from mistakes. You gain wisdom. You can also get God's wisdom by asking (without having to make mistakes to learn.) Vs. 19-21. 1) God is waiting to hear from you. Vs. 22-23 2) God wants to help you heal your personal relationships. He wants to be involved with us being involved with other people. Vs 32-33 3) God wants to provide for you. Vs 7:14 4) God will help anyone that calls on His name.

Lesson from the Cave

How To Overcome Being Overwhelmed • April 27, 2019 • Seth McRae

I Sam 17. David defeats Goliath and marries King Saul's daughter. He becomes a national hero. Saul begins to see him as a threat. By I Samuel 19 David becomes a fugitive, running and hiding from Saul. I Sam. 22:1 He is overwhelmed by life. Lessons from the cave: 1 Even strong people get overwhelmed. Ps. 142:4-6. 2 Even when I am overwhelmed, God is still over all. Blind faith - close your eyes to life's problems. Biblical faith looks at reality and faces life's problems. Ps. 57:4. Shifts focus to God. Ps. 34. 3 The presence of problems does not mean the absence of God. John 20:1.