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Blind Spots

June 22, 2019 • Jeremy Parker • Jesus, christian, church, sermon, bible, Radiant, Foursquare, Newport, Oregon, Jeremy, Parker

John 9:1-3 Blind man. Jesus healed him by putting mud in his eye and telling him to go wash it out. Jesus was hated and reviled but it didn't phase him. So many times we look at the circumstance instead of the solution to someone's pain. What are our blind spots? Confess our sins to one another so you can be healed.

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Let's Talk

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I Peter 2:5 describes followers of Jesus as "living stones".

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Let's Talk

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I Peter 2:9 If you can talk, you can pray. Just because something is simple doesn't mean that it's easy. There's nothing more important in a relationship than communication. We are called to be a prayerful people who are pressing into God. James 5:17 Elijah. Drought. First thing he did was repair the altar which represents a place of getting right with God. A place of seeking God. 1. Prayerful people forgive. 2. Prayerful people believe. 3. Prayerful people sacrifice.