Crash Course Episode 1

I'm Not Leaving Empty-Handed

December 29, 2018 • Seth McRae • Jesus, christian, bible, sermon, Radiant, church, Foursquare, Newport, Oregon

Exodus 3:21-22, Deut. 29:5, I Peter 1:6-7, Exodus 35:4-5, 21-22. If you don't turn your pain into preparation and praise, you'll waste what you went through. You buried it but Good wanted you to bring it.

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Crash Course Episode 2

Break free of past regrets • January 5, 2019 • Seth McRae

Deut. 34:4-12, Deut. 34:6. You can't plan for it but you can PREPARE. Hebrew word "Gretan" means to weep over or to grieve a death, When we don't break free of past regrets, we "re-grieve" over and over again. Re-grieving what we had once keeps us from receiving what God has now. We get stuck. There comes a time, after a season of grieving and healing, to leave what is dead and buried and move onto the newness God has for us. God never uses what left, to bless you; He uses what's left to bless you.