Crash Course Episode 1

I'm Not Leaving Empty-Handed

December 29, 2018 • Seth McRae • Jesus, christian, bible, sermon, Radiant, church, Foursquare, Newport, Oregon

Exodus 3:21-22, Deut. 29:5, I Peter 1:6-7, Exodus 35:4-5, 21-22. If you don't turn your pain into preparation and praise, you'll waste what you went through. You buried it but Good wanted you to bring it.

CrossRoads Episode 1

Led or Driven? • March 16, 2019 • Seth McRae

Matt 3:16-17. Matt 4:1-4. Jesus refused to prove what God proclaimed. God the Father declares acceptance, affection and affirmation. Are you being led or being driven? If the enemy can't get in front of you and stop you he'll get behind you and push you. There is a pace of grace to a Spirit-filled life. Sabbath rest. You are free, not slaves.

How We Roll - The Weekend Matters

March 9, 2019 • Seth McRae

The Weekend Matters - John 14:2, Gen 2:8, Ps 92:12-15. Ekklesia is Greek for a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into a public place. Very differing people, socio economic status, ethnicities and locations. People and a place. A requirement for being part of the christian church is to be planted. There is a difference between planted and potted. Planted means putting down deep roots. You can't do life on your own.

Go Fish

How to be good fishermen • March 2, 2019 • Jason Roeder

Mark 1:14. Jesus was servant hearted and kingdom minded. In John he wrote that our best defense is our sword (the Word). Jesus said follow me and I will teach you a new way. Why is change so difficult? Good fishermen expect to catch fish. When we follow Jesus we want to do what He does. He came to rescue and redeem. Good fishermen go where the fish are. We have to go out. Matt. 28:16. Good fishermen understand how fish behave.