Overwhelmed Episode 3

Worship and Battles

May 18, 2019 • Seth McRae • Jesus, christian, church, sermon, Radiant, Foursquare, Newport, Oregon, Seth, McRae

Ps. 23:5-6. The real question. The real reason, that makes it difficult is that I have to decide daily. I have to decide, will I hold onto my harp? Will I maintain my integrity? Will keep serving God? Will I keep blessing the Lord at all times? Praise. Let it go. Return to senderI Samuel 18 and 19. Generally speaking,...when you win a battle what you win is the opportunity to fight another battle. If you want peace, prepare for war. Getting a handle on difficult seasons in life, requires learning how to handle difficult people. The greatest tests of your life are not always how you handle difficulty but how you handle success. Be careful of the song of social media...the song of comparison. Comparison will make you crazy. It produces pride. It becomes about our ego.

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Lessons from Solomon

Overwhelmed • May 4, 2019 • Jeremy Parker

We are in a spiritual battle and we need to be fully equipped in that battle. II Chron. 6 - Solomon. You learn from mistakes. You gain wisdom. You can also get God's wisdom by asking (without having to make mistakes to learn.) Vs. 19-21. 1) God is waiting to hear from you. Vs. 22-23 2) God wants to help you heal your personal relationships. He wants to be involved with us being involved with other people. Vs 32-33 3) God wants to provide for you. Vs 7:14 4) God will help anyone that calls on His name.

Lesson from the Cave

How To Overcome Being Overwhelmed • April 27, 2019 • Seth McRae

I Sam 17. David defeats Goliath and marries King Saul's daughter. He becomes a national hero. Saul begins to see him as a threat. By I Samuel 19 David becomes a fugitive, running and hiding from Saul. I Sam. 22:1 He is overwhelmed by life. Lessons from the cave: 1 Even strong people get overwhelmed. Ps. 142:4-6. 2 Even when I am overwhelmed, God is still over all. Blind faith - close your eyes to life's problems. Biblical faith looks at reality and faces life's problems. Ps. 57:4. Shifts focus to God. Ps. 34. 3 The presence of problems does not mean the absence of God. John 20:1.