The Gospel in Genesis

The Meaning in a Name

August 4, 2018 • Jason Roeder • Jesus, christian, church, sermon, Radiant, Foursquare, Newport, Oregon, Jason, Roeder

Genesis 5. The Bible is a message system, a love letter. Isaiah 49:16. There is power in a name. God's love for you is woven and written throughout all of the scriptures. John 5:46. Luke 24:44-45. The gospel can change a life. Matt. 5:17-18.

Unwrapped Episode 1

What to do when you lose Jesus • December 8, 2018 • Seth McRae

Luke 2:41-49. Four ways go reconnect with God this Christmas. Matt 21:13, Deut 26:12, John 14:2

Dangerous Prayers Episode 6

Send Me • December 1, 2018 • Seth McRae

What you think disqualifies you from God's purpose is actually what distinguishes you for it. Luke 5:1-11. At some point you have to decipher are you going to live your life based on what you've seen or what He has said! Never-the-less kind of faith. Start casting your nets, rather than just spending time cleaning your nets. God doesn't change His mind about His calling on your life.

Dangerous Prayers Episode 5

Adventurous Obedience - 3:16 Scriptures • November 24, 2018 • Michael Schlosser

II Tim. 3:16 - All scriptures is God-breathed. The only way you get to know Jesus is to hang out with Him in scripture. II Cor. 3:16 - The veil is lifted. Scripture does not come to life until it is in you, or spoken. Matt 13:18 - Sustaining a relationship with Jesus requires sowing the word of God into your being - mind, soul, body, spirit. How do we help our brothers and sisters grow roots?