The Gospel in Genesis

The Meaning in a Name

August 4, 2018 • Jason Roeder • Jesus, christian, church, sermon, Radiant, Foursquare, Newport, Oregon, Jason, Roeder

Genesis 5. The Bible is a message system, a love letter. Isaiah 49:16. There is power in a name. God's love for you is woven and written throughout all of the scriptures. John 5:46. Luke 24:44-45. The gospel can change a life. Matt. 5:17-18.

Guest Speaker Jason Roeder

Lost • January 18, 2020 • Jason Roeder

Lost, scared, alone, stuck. The christian life is: A long obedience in the same direction. Eugene Peterson. I Samuel, life of King Saul. Instead of settling for simple knowledge about God, cultivate a personal relationship with him that G-R-O-W-S over time.

One Small Step Episode 2

Fear of Making the Wrong Step • January 11, 2020 • Seth McRae

More is lost in indecision than the wrong decision. How God communicates to us. Pre-Christ era it was rolling the "holy" dice. During Christ they asked him direct. Now we: Ask God first, seek Godly counsel, and make a decision. Take a set. Acts 15:28, Prov 14:12.

One Small Step Episode 1

You've Got to Take the First Step • January 4, 2020 • Seth McRae

Ex 14 Beginning, Joshua 3 End. The Red Sea crossing in Exodus was God making a way by parting the water and then the Israelites taking their first step onto dry ground. This is favor. The Jordan River crossing in Joshua was the Israelites taking the first step of faith into the water with God parting the waters AFTER their first step. That is God partnering. Sometimes God doing first in our lives, "making a way" leads to having an attitude of entitlement, like the Israelites. If we wait and fail to take the first step of faith there is the danger of being kept from seeing God's provision with appreciation. Some walls only fall when we take the first step. Your first step is often small.