What Do You Do With Saturday?

Palm Sunday Message

April 9, 2017 • Seth McRae • Jesus, christian, church, sermon, Radiant, Foursquare, Newport, Oregon, Seth, McRae, resurrection, waiting

Luke 23:44-49. John 11:1,3. With God, a waiting season is never a wasted season. God’s delays are not necessarily God’s denial. John 11:4-5. Waiting is not about a God who is distant from us, but it’s revealing of how close we are to Him. If God always met your expectations, He’d never have the opportunity to exceed them. The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing that you had.

CrossRoads Episode 4 - Generosity

April 13, 2019 • Seth McRae

Mark 11:4-6. The story of Jesus riding an unridden donkey into Jerusalem. There is a ripple effect to generosity. Jesus wants to be first in our lives. He wants to be Lord in all areas - time, money, priorities. Seek God first. Generosity always asks why. There is a reason for every resource in our lives. As why God has given us what we have. Generosity trust God. God will never ask something from you without a plan to not only bring it back, but increase it.

CrossRoads Episode 3 - Storms

April 6, 2019 • Seth McRae

Matthew 14. The storm. Everyone has a call to ministry on their life. With the call will come storms. Experiencing the storm helped give the disciples a greater clarity of God's calling on their lives and and who Jesus was. Just because something in your life is opposed does not mean it is not ordained. What's easy for you is not necessarily what's best for you. Significant storms signal new seasons. Matt 14:22.


The Turning Point • March 23, 2019 • Jeremy Parker

Acts 9:10-17. Saul and Ananias. Maybe God wants to do something that is beyond your abilities.