What Do You Do With Saturday?

Palm Sunday Message

April 9, 2017 • Seth McRae • Jesus, christian, church, sermon, Radiant, Foursquare, Newport, Oregon, Seth, McRae, resurrection, waiting

Luke 23:44-49. John 11:1,3. With God, a waiting season is never a wasted season. God’s delays are not necessarily God’s denial. John 11:4-5. Waiting is not about a God who is distant from us, but it’s revealing of how close we are to Him. If God always met your expectations, He’d never have the opportunity to exceed them. The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing that you had.

How We Roll Episode 1

Every One Matters • February 2, 2019 • Seth McRae

Matthew 9:9-13. Luke 10. Simplicity over complexity. First core value of our church, everyone matters. Keep the message simple. Jesus said "Follow me." With understanding comes responsibility to action. Simple does not mean the same as easy. Jesus told the law expert, "Love God. Love your neighbor." Simple, but now easy. The message is not what you need to stop doing, but what you start. The hope of Jesus is contagious. We are meant to be on the offensive and let our hope rub off on others. Matt 28:19-20.

Crash Course Episode 5

The Mistake, The Mess, The Miracle • January 26, 2019 • Seth McRae

Joshua 9:1-5. If your enemy can't bring destruction in your life, he'll settle for distraction. Joshua 9:6, 9:14-16. Joshua 10:12. There's nothing more fatiguing than fighting someone else's battle.

Crash Course Episode 4

The Blessing & The Boundary • January 19, 2019 • Jason Roeder

Joshua 1:1-8. Get ready. In a relay the passing of the baton takes places within a limited space called the "changeover box". We have a tendency to look beyond God's boundary He has for us, reaching for something that wasn't intended for us. In doing this, we don't appreciate and enjoy the blessings that are within our boundaries set by God. God puts the blessing He promised you inside the boundary He prepared for you. Ps 16:6. The key to contentment is seeing and celebrating the beauty inside your boundaries.