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Fix the Foundation

June 9, 2018 • Seth McRae • Jesus, christian, sermon, church, Newport, Foursquare, Oregon, Seth, McRae, Radiant, family

Genesis 35:1, Genesis 35:15-20, Genesis 35:27-29. The story of Jacob. The greatest gift a parent can give their child is see God's purpose in them and say it over them.

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Worship Night

July 7, 2018 • Seth McRae

Home Grown

When It All Goes Wrong • July 14, 2018 • Seth McRae

Job 1:1-5. Stop blaming yourself. Keep praying for your family. Trust God through your pain.

Home Grown

Grate Expectations • June 23, 2018 • Seth McRae

Gen 29:16-18, 22-30. There are some expectations that only God can meet.