Transformed - Part 10

WINNING THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND • August 28, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

Don’t be mistaken, we have an enemy in the devil. He’s lurking to kill, steal and destroy our new lives in Christ, and he starts by waging war on our minds. Thankfully, God give us the weapons and strategies to win this battle, so that we can be transformed and victorious.

Transformed - Part 9

FREEDOM FROM YOUR PAST • August 21, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

When we are “born again” we become a new person, or what the Bible calls “a new creation.” However, beginning a new life can be difficult when we have habits and baggage from our old life. Fortunately, there are ways we can leave behind the old man and enjoy the freedoms of our new life in Christ.

Transformed - Part 8

HEARING GOD • August 14, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

No relationship works without communication that goes both ways. We’ve already learned about prayer in which we talk to God, but God also can and does speak to us. Somethings can drown out what God is saying to us, but if we practice and listen, then we will be able to hear His still, small voice.

Transformed - Part 7

STEWARDSHIP • August 7, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

Jesus Christ was a perfect steward of God’s will. In fact, Jesus said, “I do nothing Myself; but as My Father taught me, I speak these things…” (John 8:28). One of the great honors of being a Christian is the opportunity to know and do what God desires in our relationships, finances, and communities.

Transformed - Part 6

A DYNAMIC, DAILY PRAYER LIFE • July 17, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

Being a Christian is about a personal relationship with God. And prayer is meant to be a foundation in that relationship, just like conversations are foundational to friendships and marriages. Prayer bonds our heat to God, nourishes our souls, and produces results in our daily lives.

Transformed - Part 5

KNOWING GOD THROUGH HIS WORD • July 3, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

As a disciple of Jesus we must know His Word, and to do this we must discipline ourselves daily to read it on our own. It can heal us, adjust our hearts to love God more, empower us, and give us hope in the eternal promises of God. What ever time and energy we invest in knowing God’s Word will pay off eternally.

Transformed - Part 4

CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP • July 3, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

Christian friendships are key to growing in faith. They inspire us, encourage us, and sometimes they even frustrate us. God designed our faith to be learned and lived through relationships with other who are on the same journey. Do you have good friendships with Christians?

Transformed - Part 3

BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT • June 26, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

God promised that His followers would experience power and supernatural blessings when they were baptized in the Holy Spirit. The benefits of the Holy Spirit are many, including love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. But that experience is separate from being born again. Have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit?

Transformed - Part 2

COVENANT OF WATER BAPTISM & COMMUNION • June 19, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

Getting baptized and participating in communion are important first steps after being saved. They demonstrate our sincerity and desire to be a part of the community of Christians, and will always remind us that we have been born again as new creations in Christ.

Transformed - Part 1

BEING BORN AGAIN • June 12, 2016 • Pastor Jerry Theis

We all have a unique story of being born again, and some of us are still watching the story unfold. The Apostle Peter challenges us in 1 Peter to share our story and testify of the ope it bring to our lives.