Quest Youth Float Trip, Kickapoo State Park

June 12, 2022
1:00 - 3:00pm

* $12/Person (Bring $12 to submit to Angel. This should be kept separate from dinner money.) * Students should dress appropriately: swimsuits and shorts that can get wet for ladies; swim trunks or athletic shorts for boys. * Water shoes are needed for those moments when the water is low and you might need to walk with your tube. * Sunscreen is a must! Hats are good too. * Sunglasses might get lost in the water, so no expensive sunglasses! * Bring a water bottle, towel, spare set of clothes to change into and money for a meal on the way home. * RSVP by May 29. * Friends are welcome and must submit a Quest Youth 2022 Permission Form. * Parents are also welcome to attend as well! *** Students should be decent swimmers to participate; however, we will be mainly staying together as a group, will be able to help one another and will have a river guide. *** Read the Kickapoo Info on the Sportsman Classic Float Trip Here: "Our time tested favorite. Float down from the Sportsman Lake entrance to the landing, a 1 1/2 mile float typically lasting over one hour. The trip includes an intermittent mix of calm, lazy sections and fast moving rapids, including the Middle Fork’s best stretch. Pass through deep shale cuts, high bluffs and forested banks that take your thoughts far away from the everyday."