God With Us

January 5, 2022

In the beginning, man lived in unbroken fellowship with God. But when sin entered the world, that relationship broke apart. Despite this separation, God still desired to be with us, and He knew that we needed Him with us. So, he began a long campaign to restore that fellowship. God’s greatest step in drawing near to us came through Jesus Christ. Nate Danser helps us see this mission of God, beginning with Noah and culminating in Jesus. He also shows how our lives are completely changed when we allow Him to be with us.

Come Unto Me

December 29, 2021

In Matthew 11, we see the heart of Christ when He says, “Come unto me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." These words reflect His heart for sinners, for those who are broken, those needing healing, and even His heart for the hypocritical Pharisees. Some would heed that call, but many would reject it. That’s still true today. We’re excited to begin a new sermon series where our chapel speakers will be preaching through the life of Jesus. And this week, Pastor Ed starts us off by examining this great call of Christ in the gospels and how it isn’t an invitation to religion, dogma or denomination. It’s an invitation to Jesus Himself.

Living for God in Dark Times

December 12, 2021

We live in dark times where it’s easy to despair of being able to live a life pleasing to God. But the struggle to live righteously in a wicked culture is nothing new for God’s people. In the kingdom of Judah, during the reign of evil kings such as Manasseh and Amon, many saints may have had similar doubts. But in 2 Kings, we learn of a King named Josiah who, "turned to the Lord with all his heart, and with all his soul and with all his might." What made Josiah stand out from the kings before him? How could he receive such a testimony after growing up in such a dark and evil kingdom? The answer to these questions helps us learn what it will take to live for God in a godless culture.

Do Not Love the World

December 1, 2021

Division seems to blanket our nation and our world in general, yet the Bible teaches us that beyond those apparent conflicts lies a powerful force uniting unredeemed mankind. It is a love for the world. What does it mean to love the world? It’s important any sincere Christian can answer that question, and Nate Danser sheds some light on that in this message and provides us with a remedy that will root that love right out of our hearts.

The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ

November 7, 2021

While imprisoned on the island of Patmos, the apostle John had a profound experience. It was a look into the details of Jesus’ second coming, events which have excited the imaginations of Christians for centuries. But the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ return are not the most important part of John’s vision. Believers should take heed of the first five words of the book of Revelation which state that the whole vision is a revelation of Jesus Christ Himself. In this week’s chapel sermon, Glenn Meldrum delivers a powerful message unpacking the beauty and majesty of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ and what that means for all who call themselves Christians.

You Have Every Reason to Hope

October 31, 2021

Hope is an elusive concept to those ravaged by sin. Despair of anything ever improving is the more common narrative. Yet hope can be the catchword of anyone who is willing to face his struggles through God's methods and in His power. But hope for someone who has endured years of habitual sin does not come about through self-improvement. It comes as God overturns the person’s life and rebuilds it on the sure foundation of His grace.

Reversing the Spiral of Degradation

October 27, 2021

Every person is headed in a direction spiritually. Those who are bound in habitual sin have walked a path that has led them deeper and deeper into spiritual death and destruction. This downward trend is most vividly depicted in Romans 1, and can be termed, “the spiral of degradation." But praise God, there is hope. Those who have traveled this weary path have a way out. In this message, Nate Danser describes for us the steps that bring us to this desperate state, and the beautiful gift that will lead us up and out of it into real spiritual life.

When You Bury Your Sin

October 17, 2021

With the victory at Jericho behind them and the promise of God’s future protection, the people of Israel must have felt like an unstoppable force. It must have been a shock then when they suffered a humiliating defeat by the citizens of Ai. The people of Israel would soon find out that the sin of one man, Achan, had caused this terrible loss. And in this message, Dustin Renz parallels Achan’s story of disobedience to our own lives, how hiding our sin will bring spiritual death and how walking in the light will bring about victory.

Absolute Necessity

October 3, 2021

Deception and licentiousness are rapidly growing stronger in our culture. And while there is still a degree of peace and freedom, the Bible has warned us of greater peril to come. This time is rapidly approaching, and to endure it, we will need to love the truth and be willing to stand for Christ. But as Glenn Meldrum points out in this message, we must learn to rely on God for strength in our daily life right now, or we will not be able to stand when the battle intensifies.

Repentance: The Core Message of Jesus Christ

September 26, 2021

The American church has lost its way. Statistics about divorce, promiscuity, pornography usage, and so on reflect little difference from the unchurched. How did we get here? We have watered down the teachings of Jesus Christ to the point that they are nearly unrecognizable from what He actually taught. His core message was repentance: that people have been corrupted by sin and selfishness and must undergo a radical transformation. This flavor is unmistakable throughout all of His teachings. In this passionate message, Pastor Steve Gallagher brings to light the core of Christ's message.

Let's Respond to God's Scandalous Love

September 19, 2021

There is a spirit in the hearts of unredeemed mankind, and many professing Christians, that continually turns it’s back on God and seeks its own way. This spirit is what the bible terms as “iniquity” or “lawlessness.” And in the book of Hosea, we see this spirit in a people continually turning away from God, and yet alongside it an inexplicable response from Him. In this special chapel service, each of our leaders takes a moment to look at this spirit of defiance and the startlingly passionate and overwhelming desire of God that works so hard to woo a rebellious people back to Himself.


September 12, 2021

From the moment sin entered the world, man has had the desire to rule his own life. But God's kingdom has only one king, and all who want to come into that kingdom must come under His rule. In this message, Glenn Meldrum uses Israel's rebellious history to show us the urgency of our need to fully surrender to Christ.

When You Go Your Own Way

September 5, 2021

Many people know King Solomon as a man blessed by the Lord with great wisdom and great wealth. But Scripture reveals that, at the end of his life, he turned away from God to worship pagan gods. In this message, Dustin Renz brings out three aspects of Solomon's life that contributed to this downfall and exhorts us to submit ourselves fully to the Lord so that we do not find ourselves turning down that same path.

The Struggles of the Christian Life

August 22, 2021

When someone who has lived their whole life given over to the their flesh and this world turns and begins to follow hard after God, you can bet there will be resistance. They now find themselves at war with the world system, relentlessly opposed by the enemy and even at odds with their own flesh nature. But there is also another battle that they begin to face. In this message, Pastor Steve talks about some of the mental struggles new believers face and how much it means to the Lord that they are willing to go through those battles in their efforts to please Him.

Take Care How You Hear

August 15, 2021

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus spoke of four different types of soil, which each represent different ways we can hear, and respond, to the Word of God. Nate Danser examines for us the characteristics of each of these soils and helps us to see the danger of hearing the Word of God incorrectly. He shows us that it’s what our lives produce that proves whether or not we are hearing the Word in a way that will truly impact our lives.