Do Not Love the World

Nate Danser

December 1, 2021

Division seems to blanket our nation and our world in general, yet the Bible teaches us that beyond those apparent conflicts lies a powerful force uniting unredeemed mankind. It is a love for the world. What does it mean to love the world? It’s important any sincere Christian can answer that question, and Nate Danser sheds some light on that in this message and provides us with a remedy that will root that love right out of our hearts.

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The Word Became Flesh

January 19, 2022

John begins his gospel by describing the splendor of one whom he refers to as “the Word.” He systematically lays out claims about this Word, this Person, that would have shocked and even offended the religious people of His day. John reveals who he’s talking about when he states that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. He reveals that this grand character is the man, Jesus Christ. The implication that a poor Jewish man from Nazareth was the God of creation manifested in flesh and blood has challenged many minds for centuries. But as Dustin Renz brings out in this message, this truth has astounding implications for all who are willing to believe it in faith.

God With Us

January 5, 2022

In the beginning, man lived in unbroken fellowship with God. But when sin entered the world, that relationship broke apart. Despite this separation, God still desired to be with us, and He knew that we needed Him with us. So, he began a long campaign to restore that fellowship. God’s greatest step in drawing near to us came through Jesus Christ. Nate Danser helps us see this mission of God, beginning with Noah and culminating in Jesus. He also shows how our lives are completely changed when we allow Him to be with us.

Come Unto Me

December 29, 2021

In Matthew 11, we see the heart of Christ when He says, “Come unto me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." These words reflect His heart for sinners, for those who are broken, those needing healing, and even His heart for the hypocritical Pharisees. Some would heed that call, but many would reject it. That’s still true today. We’re excited to begin a new sermon series where our chapel speakers will be preaching through the life of Jesus. And this week, Pastor Ed starts us off by examining this great call of Christ in the gospels and how it isn’t an invitation to religion, dogma or denomination. It’s an invitation to Jesus Himself.