Life-Changing Scriptures Part 2

Ed Buch

February 28, 2021

The Word of God is living and active, and it is through it that God speaks to us in very real and personal ways to ground us in His truth and lay the foundation of our faith, with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone. In this message, Pastor Ed Buch picks up where he left off in part one, with a few more verses that the Lord used in his life to lay that foundation and bring him into true peace and freedom.

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Absolute Necessity

October 3, 2021

Deception and licentiousness are rapidly growing stronger in our culture. And while there is still a degree of peace and freedom, the Bible has warned us of greater peril to come. This time is rapidly approaching, and to endure it, we will need to love the truth and be willing to stand for Christ. But as Glenn Meldrum points out in this message, we must learn to rely on God for strength in our daily life right now, or we will not be able to stand when the battle intensifies.

Repentance: The Core Message of Jesus Christ

September 26, 2021

The American church has lost its way. Statistics about divorce, promiscuity, pornography usage, and so on reflect little difference from the unchurched. How did we get here? We have watered down the teachings of Jesus Christ to the point that they are nearly unrecognizable from what He actually taught. His core message was repentance: that people have been corrupted by sin and selfishness and must undergo a radical transformation. This flavor is unmistakable throughout all of His teachings. In this passionate message, Pastor Steve Gallagher brings to light the core of Christ's message.

Let's Respond to God's Scandalous Love

September 19, 2021

There is a spirit in the hearts of unredeemed mankind, and many professing Christians, that continually turns it’s back on God and seeks its own way. This spirit is what the bible terms as “iniquity” or “lawlessness.” And in the book of Hosea, we see this spirit in a people continually turning away from God, and yet alongside it an inexplicable response from Him. In this special chapel service, each of our leaders takes a moment to look at this spirit of defiance and the startlingly passionate and overwhelming desire of God that works so hard to woo a rebellious people back to Himself.