Teach Us To Pray Spiritual Retreat

Raney Series

April 28 - 29, 2023

Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church is pleased to announce our next Raney Series event, Teach Us To Pray Spiritual Retreat with Dr. Victor Resendiz and Dr. Jerry Webber. At this two-day retreat at Pulaski Heights UMC Dr. Resendiz and Dr. Webber will teach about prayer as a lifestyle and a spiritual practice. In Luke 11:1, Jesus’ disciples say to him, “teach us to pray.” They have walked with Jesus, observed his life, witnessed his teaching and healing ministry, and noted his authority. They want what he has, but they don’t say, “teach us to heal,” or “teach us to cast out demons.” They saw – with spiritual intuition, I believe – that Jesus’ frequent times in solitude with his Abba deeply rooted him and shaped him in God. So they asked, “teach us to pray.” That is our request, too. We want the Spirit to shape us, to root us in God… so we say to God, “teach us to pray!” Teach us prayer beyond the beginnings. Teach us prayer that is more than “every head bowed and every eye closed.” Teach us prayer that is deeper than thoughts and words. Teach us prayer than is more about communion than asking… more transformation than transaction. RSVP for the meal has passed.