A Generation's Great Need

6-25-2017 • June 25, 2017 • Nathan Herndon

Welcome to The Tuesday Challenge. Our mission is to help men battle complacency in our marriage and to spur ourselves to love our wife as Christ loves the Church (Ephesians 5:25). Click the link above for the Tuesday Challenge.


We truly believe that our greatest days are yet to come and that all that God has done will pale in comparison to what He’s going to do. We believe that God will use our future facility, not as a treasure in our hearts, but as a powerful tool in our hands, to transform our region and world. After relocating five times in our eleven year existence, we’ve learned that meeting in rented space can mean instability and decreased ministry effectiveness. Providence has arrived at a key moment in our history, an opportunity and a challenge to raise $750,000 to build our first ever Providence campus. Click above to give and pledge. Together we will see God transform hundreds of lives in the years to come!

We are praying together as a church family for 100 hours that God would open the spiritual hearts and eyes of people that are far from Him this Easter season and save 100 souls! We love out-of-the-box, crazy prayers that have only one explanation, the miracle working power of GOD! For us, it’s not the number, we simply want to cry out for salvation in our generation, neighborhoods, and world. Philippians 3:18 says, “Many, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even with tears, walk as enemies of the cross of Christ” (ESV). So we pray that our hearts would break with God’s for people that need Jesus. Sign up above!

Helping Hands

Providence’s Helping Hands ministry provides financial assistance to individuals and families in need. If you are in financial need and would like to request assistance from Providence, please fill out the form on the link above.

Learning Community

Apologetics: Defending Our Faith Please join us on Sunday mornings at Providence U as the class begins, Apologetics: Defending Our Faith, an eight-week module beginning on April 22 @ 8:45 am in the middle school chorus room. One of the greatest deterrents to the sharing of our faith is a lack of confidence in our ability to defend it. We can become afraid of being a weak representation of God and of what it could do to our own personal faith if challenged beyond our biblical and historical understandings. In these classes, we will be answering some of the BIG questions of our day and identifying good resources and study methods for future endeavors to be all things to all people. Click Register to sign up.

Each person in God’s Kingdom is gifted intentionally and specifically. The Calling Project is a one-time session that helps you to discover your spiritual gifts and God’s calling on your life so you can operate in His kingdom most effectively, powerfully, and joyfully! Held at 11:45 AM in the library, here at the middle school. If possible, please take the spiritual gifts test by clicking the link above. Bring your test results with you to the Calling Project. Alternatively, you will be able to take the test during the Calling Project. Please sign up above. Lunch and childcare will be provided.


Friday, November 4

6150 York Road, Spring Grove

7PM, Friday, November 4, @ the Land The first Friday of every month Providence and others from the community will be gathering for an hour, at differing locations, to hear specifics on how the land and building process is moving forward and especially to pray and worship, asking GOD to move and do what only He CAN do! We ask that you come ready to pray BIG prayers, seek God’s heart, and embrace His move. We are looking forward to seeing you at these monthly gatherings and greatly encourage you to make these a priority and invite others that want to be a part of The Church We See. Friday, November 4, 7PM, 6150 York Road, Spring Grove.

Current Sermon Series

A series on the Holiness of God.


March 19

The Church We See is a capital funds campaign for Providence's future campus. Our phase 1 goals was to raise $110,000 by December 31. God blew our minds by allowing us to raise $136,000! Phase 2 will be a larger, final campaign goal in order to build our future facility. Don't miss Sunday, March 19 as we kick off Phase 2 of The Church We See, as we move forward into all that God has for Providence!

Easter Sunday

In view of history’s greatest weekend, we are celebrating the unstoppable, unpredictable, unprecedented, and irrefutable power of GOD’s unfathomable love for people. This love pursues those distant, speaks to the broken, and brings revival to church! Come ready to shout happy, sing wildly, and go crazy! It’s what happens when God’s Unstoppable love finds you!

Join us on March 9 @ 7 PM for night you won't forget! Singing, Dancing, Comedy, and MORE! Click above to sign up.


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Ayden Zeigler-Kohler is in Need of a Miracle - Please Pray. Ayden is a little boy from York, who recently learned that he has two inoperable brain tumors. At Providence, we believe big! Please keep Ayden and his family in prayer. If you are interested in info on how you can partner with this family, please email, info@baileeshomebrew.com or call 717-755-7599