7 Part Series

Graceology | Part 3

Living By Works • March 8, 2020 • Josh Copron

Grace doesn't just save you, it sustains you! In part 3 of Graceology, you will learn that the same way you enter into a relationship with God is the same way you maintain a relationship with God. Don't let your works define your relationship with Him. It's grace from beginning to end.

Graceology | Part 2

Forgiven + Free • March 1, 2020 • Josh Copron

It is finished. Don't let your past sins keep you from receiving all that God has in store for you. In part 3 of Graceology, Josh teaches on the reality of forgiveness and how your sin has been paid in full. Guilt, shame and condemnation can no longer keep you from your full potential!

Graceology | Part 1

Good News • February 23, 2020 • Joshua Copron

"God’s not mad at you even when you sin" Josh kicks of a series of teaching brought to you from his book entitled "GRACEOLOGY" where you'll learn to 'Unfold the gift of grace'. This message will leave you with a new understanding of God's unconditional grace and the "Good News" the Gospel truly brings.