June 25, 2017 • Joshua Copron

Today, Josh concludes on the series "Chase the Lion". When we chase our God-given dreams it requires for us to take risks and embrace uncertainty. One step of faith can create a domino effect that can change everything in our lives.

Chase The Lion | Part 3

June 18, 2017 • Joshua Copron

Today, Josh teaches on how to seize the divine opportunities God places in our lives. Through action, prayer, and faith, we become enlighten to the path He has set before us.

Run to the Roar | Part 2

June 11, 2017 • Mark Batterson

We continue with the series " Chase The Lion". Through video Mark teaches us to chase the dreams God has placed in our heart. A God sized dream will always be beyond your ability, beyond your logic, and beyond your resources.

Run to the Roar

Part 1 • June 4, 2017 • Joshua Copron

Josh expounds on Mark Batterson's "Chase The Lion" by putting his own spin on some of the ideas from the book. In the first message of the series Josh talks about how the Christian life isn't a series of "no's" but is about knowing what to say "yes" to! Through this message you'll be encouraged to run towards your God given dreams and purposes that God has placed inside of you.