The Principle of First Fruits

January 12, 2014 • Shane Willard • First Fruits, Terumah,

In this teaching Shane talks about using the principles that have been a part of Jewish heritage to release the blessings of God on your finances.

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Kid's Easter Story Project

Providence Kid's Tell the Easter Story. • April 4, 2020 • Your Kids!

Hey parents! As part of our Online Easter Special we want the Easter story told by your kids! You can view the script and directions below then upload it to the link. We need your submissions by Saturday in order to have time to edit. Can't wait to see your kids share the hope of the Easter story with our church.

When Life Feels Out of Control | Part 2

Win Over Worry • April 1, 2020 • Josh Copron

In this midweek encouragement, Josh shares 3 practical ways you can win over worry when life feels out of control.

We miss your face!

Upload a video of your family saying hello for Easter!

WE MISS SEEING YOU! Hey church family, we miss seeing you on Sundays! And we know you miss seeing each other too! To make our Easter services a little extra special, we want to include a video that you record of yourselves saying hey to the rest of our Providence family! Submit by clicking the link below. Below are some important details: DEADLINE: Thursday, April 2nd. SUBMIT: by uploading at the link below. OR email your video to hello@providence229.com. If you need an alternate way to send please contact us by calling 229-888-8055. FILMING: Film with your phone horizontal (TV format), it’ll make the final edit look better. Keep in mind, your video will need to be less than 10 seconds to ensure we have time to see as many faces as possible. If you’re able to, set your phone on a table to stabilize it, instead of holding it. This will help the overall quality. ROLES: If you have multiple family members in your video, have one say the greetings and others fill in other spots. CREATIVE IDEAS: If you are bilingual, start your video by saying “Hi Church family, Happy Easter” in english, then repeat it in your second language. We would love to capture the diversity of our church family! IDEAS YOU CAN SAY “Hey, church family! It’s the Roberts family in Lee Country, and we can’t wait to see you again!” “Happy Resurrection Day from Flo and Earnest in Albany!” “It’s the Greenways and we love worshipping with you! Happy Resurrection Sunday!” “We love and miss you! The Davis’ sending our love from Cordele.”