May 28, 2017 • Josh Copron

Today, Josh teaches on how we can help the next generation win in life. It is easy for us to think that the "next gen" is so far away but actually its the people that is right behind us. When we use our influence to make a difference in another person's life we all win.

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Imagine Heaven | Part 3

Relationships In Heaven • September 23, 2018 • Joshua Copron

One of the most asked questions regarding Heaven is "what happens to our relationships after we die." Will we recognize our loved ones? Will we still be married? In this sermon, you'll learn what relationships in Heaven will be like as Josh, our lead pastor, compares scripture to testimonies of people who have had near death experiences.

Imagine Heaven | Part 2

Beauty of Heaven • September 16, 2018 • Joshua Copron

We all have a picture of Heaven in our minds, but what does it actually look like? In Part 2 of "Imagine Heaven," you'll discover the "Beauty of Heaven" as Josh compares testimonies of near death experiences with actual truth from scripture.

Imagine Heaven | Part 1

Evidence • September 9, 2018 • Joshua Copron

Is there anything after this life? Do we get wings in Heaven? Better yet, does Heaven even exist? Everyone has questioned life after this life. In this message, Josh Copron, our lead pastor, teaches the evidence of afterlife found in the Bible while looking at stories from people who have had near death experiences.