What does it mean to follow Jesus' example?

As human under-shepherds of The Good Shepherd’s flock, we have great responsibility. Even though we often feel limited by our sinful nature, there are responsibilities of shepherding the Father has empowered us to do well...

The Skies

I’ve spent a lot of time in the sky recently. (And, to clarify, that’s very different than having my head in the clouds!) A flight from the U.S. to Singapore, then on to Bangladesh, followed by a return trip, and flights to Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and California kept me in the heavens for a substantial time over the last three weeks.

What More Could a Loved Lamb Need?

I have been a fan of Jill Briscoe for many years and enjoy her daily devotionals. I like how she has taken Psalm 23 and talks about how it's frequently used to comfort those who mourn.

A Presence of Hope

Presence, no matter the circumstances, is imperative in the lives of our sheep.


The word Thrive itself brings visions of flourishing, doesn’t it?

Fénelon Moments

Did you ever have a commitment on your calendar that seemed routine on the surface but in the end brought joy and wonder at what God can do?

The Leader's Shield

Presence Point®, we believe you were called to lead — whether you're an entrepreneur, pastor, parent, partner, Board member, or friend.

30-Day Leadership Challenge Volume 1

30-Day Shepherd Leadership Challenge Volume 2

August 25, 2021

To those who completed the first Challenge, we pray this next step will continue to impact you and those you lead. To those that are starting a Challenge for the first time, get ready to be stretched and refined. Be encouraged to lean in… hard… even when it’s uncomfortable. Be honest. Don’t give up. Be willing to allow the Good Shepherd to deeply challenge you everywhere and with everyone you influence. It will be worth it… for you and those you lead! May we each live into our calling with the daily reminder that the Good Shepherd is the Ultimate Provider of Provision, Protection, and Presence. We are simply blessed to be used by Him with the sheep in our lives.