Mid Week

Proverbs 17

September 16, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Proverbs 16 - Part II

September 9, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Proverbs 16

September 2, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Guarding, Not Guarded

August 26, 2020 • Pastor Tyler Gramling

God has a beautiful, full life carved out for us as humans on this earth. He wants nothing more than the joy and peace of His followers. But wait—not everyone has such a beautiful life. There’s poverty, sickness, stealing, and all around lack of success. When sin entered the earth, God’s perfect plan was ruined. Pastor Tyler Gramling shows that we don’t need to CREATE our futures, but rather GUARD our futures from sin and humanity, in order that we can live the life of fulfillment that God intends for us!

Proverbs 15

August 19, 2020 • Pastor Carson Gramling

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words could never hurt me! Remember chanting that to your fellow schoolmates at recess? The truth is, we say those words to protect ourselves from hurt, because we know that words do, indeed hurt. Words have the power to heal, and they have the power to tear down. Proverbs says the life and DEATH are in the power of the tongue. Our words are powerful! How can we use our tongue to promote life, even when we feel like lashing out or using it for destruction?

Proverbs 13

August 12, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

We all want to live a happy, fulfilled life. It’s safe to say that no one wants to live a life that feels empty and void of meaning. We want to be happy, have an impact, leave a legacy, and feel like we have accomplished something by the end of our lives. So how do we live a life that is both happy AND successful? What are the keys to a fulfilled life?

Proverbs 14

August 5, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

We know that for there to be success in a person’s life, the life of a nation, or even mankind as a whole, there must be righteousness in its people and leadership. What does this look like? Work hard, with a strong work ethic, take care of the poor and needy, and be full of gratitude. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? The key to this is living life in God’s image!

Proverbs 12

July 29, 2020 • Pastor Matt Jacobs

In life, we can live our lives just to get by—not happy, barely sliding by, ultimately not fulfilled or living the life we always wanted. Maybe you are living the life you always wanted, you’re thriving, making the money, but something is still missing. Pastor Matt Jacobs shows us the missing piece to a FULFILLED life—a life full of purpose and meaning, and thriving at the same time!

Proverbs 11

July 15, 2020 • Pastor Carson Gramling

Proverbs 10

July 8, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Proverbs 9

July 1, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Proverbs 8

June 24, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Proverbs 7

June 17, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Proverbs 6

June 10, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Proverbs 5

June 3, 2020 • Pastor Tyler Sterban