A Step of Faith

May 21, 2023 • Pastor Troy Gramling

What makes this generation different from the past? People don't tend to think beyond themselves. They only think of the now and the instant gratification. There was a time when people had to think of those to come after them. God believes in terms of generations and wants us to make and keep commitments to pass on to the next generations. In part 5 of the series, Generations, Pastor Troy shares how we can experience blessings from generation to generation. If we can learn to commit and step out in faith, we can have a memorial for the future generations that follow us. God's plan is bigger than any one person, and his plan always includes generations!

From Generation to Generation

April 25, 2023 • Pastor Troy Gramling

How can one generation add value to the next one? When generations decide that they can learn from one another then success can take place. Pastor Troy kicks off this new series, called Generations. Generations are a gift that God gives to us. In the story in the Bible of when Jesus was a pre-teen, we see how Jesus and his parents learn from each other. Check out how the native and next generation can become the Now generation!

Do All Babies Go To Heaven?

May 3, 2023 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Is there an age of accountability? Will all babies and children go to heaven? Join Pastor Troy in Part 2 of the Generations series as he shares with us how the Bible answers these questions. There is a time that we move from not knowing to knowing right from wrong and God is consistent with how he deals with generations. God is a gracious God, yet there is a time where we are given the opportunity to accept or reject the Truth. Our responsibility to the past is to make sure the gospel is shared with those in the present.

The Giants In Our Dreams

May 9, 2023 • Pastor Troy Gramling

It only takes one choice, one decision, to determine the outcome of our life. The simple act of being able to decide supports the notion that we have free will. Have you ever thought your decisions today could affect future generations – your children and grandchildren? In Part 3 of Generations, Pastor Troy teaches us about an example in the Old Testament and the generational impact of their decisions. In life, we weigh the benefits and costs of our choices and then cope with the consequences. But what if we stop to think when we make choices in life? This isn't only for me but for those to follow!

No Participation Trophies

May 16, 2023 • Pastor Troy Gramling

We are each called to be a blessing to the next generation. But how do we accomplish this goal? In Part 4 of our series Generations, Pastor Troy shares the ways that we can bless the next generation. And we must also be aware that we can fail the next generation if we are not intentionally passing the torch. If we are older believers, we have a responsibility to step up to the challenge to share our faith. God created the framework of generations and has shown us He can do great and mighty things when we choose to pour into the next generation!