New year, new you!

January 5, 2020 • Pastor Buddy Cremeans

New year, new you! Isn’t that how the saying goes? But the new year is here, and the same old troubles seem to hang over your head. God promises that in the midst of trouble, He can give you peace which surpasses all human understanding! This year in 2020, the troubles may come, but God has overcome it all to bring you PEACE!

Remembering Christmas

December 29, 2019 • Pastor Terrell Somerville

Christmas time is full of materialism, discontent, always wanting more... but is this the TRUE meaning of Christmas? Are we missing out on the JOY and love that Christmas is supposed to bring? What if we truly remembered Christmas—JESUS—this year... what would that look like?

Mary Was Here

December 22, 2019 • Pastor Tyler Gramling

The story of Christmas is nothing like one would imagine. The Son of God, born into a lowly stable in a manger? The King of Kings? No way! And yet, He was! God sent us a Savior who we can relate to, born into hardship, lived in this fallen world. This Christmas, we can celebrate a Savior of the world and a plan for REDEMPTION for all!

Touching Christmas

December 15, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

We continue exploring the senses of Christmas this season, and focus on the act of touching Christmas. What does this look like? What does generosity and giving have to do with touching Christmas? How can you truly experience the reality of what Christmas is supposed to be this Christmas season?

Seeing Christmas

December 8, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

When we look at the story of Christmas—and I mean truly stop to think about Christmas—what do we truly SEE? There are life lessons, both positive and negative, that can be learned from that first Christmas. The beauty of Christmas is that God has been through it all—He knows our pain and triumphs—and he understands us!

The Smell of Christmas

December 1, 2019 • Pastor Tyler Sterban

Hearing Christmas

November 24, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Christmas time... a time of nostalgia, joy, family, love. But what is Christmas truly about? We know we celebrate the birth of Jesus... but what does this mean for us? Pastor Troy Gramling shares about all the many SOUNDS of Christmas and the hope that it brings!