The Church - A Biography

The Power of Prayer

January 15, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Acts Chapter 11 - A Seat At The Table

January 8, 2020 • Pastor Tyler Gramling

You’ve been invited to dinner, but upon arrival you realize nobody saved a seat for you. You feel left out, forgotten, maybe even unloved. Maybe your experience at church is similar—you visit church but you feel like an outsider, like you don’t belong. Jesus calls us to love all, and to save a seat for EVERYONE at the table of church. Pastor Tyler Gramling shares how each of us can be a united and WELCOMING force to all we encounter!

Acts Chapter 9 - Part II

December 11, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

We continue our look at true Christian conversion with part two on Acts 9. Many may say they have experienced Christ... but true conversion shows itself through your life. The Holy Spirit CHANGES you and you can’t help but be different, to show yourself as more and more like Jesus every single day. Does your life reflect TRUE conversion?

Acts Chapter 9

December 4, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

God has put each of us on this earth to do something... we were chosen by God for greatness! Do you know what your purpose is in this life? Can you find purpose outside of life in Christ? And lastly, how do you find out what you were set here on this earth to do?

Acts Chapters 7 & 8

November 20, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Christmas is good news—for all. The best news. A Savior was born to save the world from death... to bring eternal life to all who believe. We are here on this earth to share this good news with others. But why is it this one thing is sometimes the hardest thing for us to do? Pastor Troy Gramling shares how to be effective in sharing God’s story this Christmas!

Acts Chapter 6

November 13, 2019 • Pastor Carson Gramling

What do we do when life doesn’t go as planned? Maybe you were promised something, but it didn’t come through. Maybe you had a life plan, but life took you on a completely different path. Maybe it feels like God didn’t show up... do you lose hope? Can you still find joy in the unexpected?

Acts Chapter 5

November 6, 2019 • Pastor Matt Jacobs

The church... what does this word mean to you? A place that you attend once a week to learn about God? Or maybe to make you feel warm and fuzzy and less guilty inside? Yes the church is a place, but the church is GOD’S PEOPLE! His plan for the church is so much more than a meeting place. YOU are included in His plan for the local church. So what is His plan? And what’s YOUR ROLE in this movement called the local church?

Acts Chapter 4

October 30, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Our study of Acts continues with an in-depth look at look at the history of the Christian church. How did the history of the church play out to bring it where it is today? It seems as though hope is beginning to dwindle in these darker days filled with sin. What does this mean for the church? Is there still hope?

Acts Chapter 3

October 23, 2019 • Pastor Tyler Sterban

Acts Chapter 2

October 9, 2019 • Pastor Carson Gramling

Many of us struggle with feelings of loneliness, of isolation. Maybe you have no family... no friends... no neighbors to count on. Where do you turn? God didn’t intend for us to live our lives in isolation. He created the Church to be a place of community, a group of people to love and support one another. So what does healthy community look like? Does God give us the blueprints to ensure a life of community?

Acts Chapter 1

October 2, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Diving into a deeper look at the Biblical book of Acts—we start in chapter one with a study on the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit? Who can receive the Holy Spirit? And also, what can the Holy Spirit do to transform our lives?